Kylie Jenner 22 Lip Kit Sold Out in 22 Minutes

After a few months of teasing the new fiery orange red the Kylie Jenner 22 Lip Kit arrived and went on sale.
22 minutes later the lip kit was sold out.

The orange Kylie Jenner 22 Lip Kit went on sale on 29th February but promises to update us on the restock within the next few weeks. The Kylie Lip Kit has proven difficult to get in and of the shades, with the suede like lipsticks selling out within minutes upon its release.

Not only is this a rather bold hue but 22 is breaking all past naming conventions. The brand’s naming tradition so far with the six previous Lip Kit colours have been for them to have a “K” at the end of the name. 22 Has been rumoured to be Kylie Jenner’s favourite/lucky number but the sell out minute time might have a link.

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The Kylie Jenner 22 Lip Kit contains one matte liquid lipstick as well as a matching pencil lip liner. The Kylie Lip Kits have been hugely successful with their silky none drying finish, high pigment and long lasting, creamy matte texture.

Are you desperate you get your hands on the Kylie Jenner 22 Lip Kit vibrant burnt orange shade?

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If you can’t get your hands on the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit then don’t forget about her Kylie Jenner Nail Collection Launch.

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