5 Beauty Tips for Your Big Day

With so much to think about and prepare for before your big day, one of the most fundamental is feeling confident in your appearance.  This article highlights four ways to ensure you look as dazzling as your wedding ring.

The common thread throughout these tips is that of being prepared.  In this vein you’ll want to gather plenty of inspiration ahead of time – just as you might visit somewhere like https://www.whiteflash.com/wedding-rings/tacori/ to collate wedding ring inspiration it might be a good idea to create a Pinterest Board of inspiration for your big day.  

Many girls have something akin to a vision board of what their perfect wedding looks like, but now things are becoming real, it’s time to get out of dream mode and into planning mode; this article will help you just do that.

  1. SKIN

At least a month before your wedding, start exfoliating your skin weekly and make sure you have a good facial routine with a decent moisturiser to rehydrate your skin.  It’s advisable to treat your skin to a natural facial mask a few days before the event but not the night before, as this can lead to visible outbreaks. The biggest tip, with regard to ensuring radiant skin on your big day is to make sure you keep yourself hydrated on the day itself and the entire week before.


If you are wanting to book a wax to remove unwanted hair make sure you leave enough time for the redness to fade.  Alternatively, you can do this yourself using hair removal cream or an epilator – but again, when using an epilator make sure you leave a day or two to allow the redness to fade.

  1. NAILS

If you’re getting your nails done professionally try to ensure you’re not doing this in a rush; and if you’re doing them yourself, make sure you have tested out your perfect shade… as there’s nothing worse than painting your nails to find the colour doesn’t compliment the beautiful outfit you’ve chosen.


  1. HAIR

A great idea to nourish your hair a few days prior to the event is to cover your hair in coconut oil, wrap it in a plastic bag and keep the oil in your hair overnight – washing it out the next morning with a natural and organic shampoo, such as those available at https://lush.com .  You might want to do this at the weekend, as the next day it might still appear a little oily – so make sure you don’t leave this one to the last minute, or you’ll end up with greasy looking hair at your big event.

  1. SLEEP

In summary, the key point is to make sure you do things in plenty of time, as you don’t want to be rushing around in a mad dash all stressed out the night before your wedding; make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep the night before so you feel fresh, bright and vibrant for one of the most important days of your life.


Mary Oliver

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