5 Quirky Instagram Accounts To Follow

Below is a selection of the top 5 quirky Instagram accounts to follow, this fantastic selection of creatives always fill me with so many ideas. If you are ever stuck for motivation and are looking for some inspiration I always recommend a 5 minute break on Instagram. Here are my top 5 quirky Instagram accounts to follow to get some much needed stimulus and get the creative juices flowing.

i. I  originally saw @groehrs on reddit in the images section. But after seeing her work, I instantly fell in love with what she creates. A smart and very different take on classic foods, bringing them to life.

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ii. @idafrosk is is someone whose work you have probably seen before and not realised it was only created by one person! I love her ideas and she’s recently been working with Philadelphia spread to make some interesting art. Can’t speak for everyone but her work does make me hungry.

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iii. @redhongyi has a special Instagram idea, choosing a different theme for each month. I discovered her Instagram in February whilst she was doing her heart theme. I honestly keep checking her account in the hope she puts up more art. Very creative and quirky Instagram art.

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iv. @jessiebearden is proof that with just about anything you are able to make amazing art, she’s created art from spilt ketchup to dried spaghetti. Super creative and a very interesting way to look at art!

v. @peachesandkeen makes some stunning minimalist Instagram photos. Its so interesting how they get use objects in different forms and patterns to make up none organic designs. (P.s. they have a really interesting shop if your wanting some original artwork for your walls.)

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