Andrew Barton Shampoo – Strictly Brunette Light Reflecting Product Review

Andrew Barton Shampoo - Strictly Brunette Light Reflecting

Andrew Barton products have been my reliable go to hair product for quite a while now.  They are cheap (currently 2 for £4 at Asda) and offer great effects, coming from a celebrity hair stylist.

The product ranges are very specific to each hair type and do exactly what they say on the tin. I used to be blonde and the shampoo/conditioner combo for blonde hair worked fantastically, not drying it out and keeping the colour. Now I use shampoo and conditioner targeted at brunettes and I find that this leaves my hair feeling quite soft and sleek without making it greasy, just what I want.

My favourite item from their hair care range is the hair masks, if you haven’t tried them out you should! They are great once a week to make your hair feel in amazing condition. :)

Andrew Barton Shampoo – Strictly Brunette Light Reflecting 

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