Barry M Magnetic Burgundy nail polish Product Review

Here today is my Barry M Magnetic Burgundy nail polish Product Review. This nail polish I have found to be absolutely fantastic. It is strong and long-lasting and it doesn’t chip. It took a few attempts to understand how the product works but the end result looks amazing. There are a variety of different metallic colours and a range of different magnets to create different effects which I can’t wait to try out!


Barry M Magnetic Burgundy nail polish Product Review


This technique creates changes in colour without effecting the smoothness of the nail and leaves it with an even finish. To create these effects follow these three steps –


Step 1. Before you start shake well.


Step 2. Apply one coat and let dry.


Step 3 Apply second coat and immediately hover the magnet over the nail for 5 seconds so effects appears.


I found holding the magnet longer than suggested gave me a more prominent colour change and I then finished with a clear top coat.


Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint Burgundy

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