Beauty BLVD Plumping Lip Mask Before and After

Beauty BLVD Plumping Lip Mask

When I was younger, I used to long for different plastic surgeries, in particular, a nose job. Now in my twenties, and far away from high school, I am glad I never did, having since learnt to love my imperfections. Lip fillers seem very forced on us in today’s beauty world, and I hear younger and younger audiences wishing to have their lips done. While it can be used to subtly enhance the shape and fullness of your lips too often, people are over using them and permanently damaging their face.

I love big lips and small lips, enjoy what you have. I do love a little extra pout however and have owned many a Sexy Mother Pucker in the past. Lip fillers are a commitment and a choice, so maybe look at something like the Beauty BLVD Plumping Lip Mask first.

Beauty BLVD Plumping Lip Mask

The Beauty BLVD Plumping Lip Mask comes as a set of two and need to be worn for between 10-15 minutes at a time. Yes, they look ridiculous, (apologies for my bare face). The Beauty BLVD Plumping Lip Mask uses green tea extract, red seaweed plant and hyaluronic acid designed to plump, contour, moisturise and give antioxidants to help dry, damaged lips.

Results from the Beauty BLVD Plumping Lip Mask


Beauty BLVD Plumping Lip Mask


Beauty BLVD Plumping Lip Mask

While there isn’t an overwhelming change in the appearance of my lips they did look less damaged straight away. Winter is harsh on my lips, so the mask aided the dry, chapped areas. My lips did look plumped up; you can see a reduction in creases more than anything else in the pictures. They felt fuller and poutier, but it was very subtle, not enough for anyone I went out with after to comment on or notice. My upper lip didn’t look too different sadly.


Beauty BLVD Plumping Lip Mask

Overall not a dramatic change. For the cost, it isn’t something for me, especially when I don’t have an issue with how my lips look. For the price of the two masks, I wouldn’t say the results are worth it or long lasting enough to justify. Fun for a night out or a special event but they won’t be a regular feature in my shopping basket.

What are your thoughts on lip fillers and lip plumpers, such as the Beauty BLVD Plumping Lip Mask?

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