Best Instagram accounts to follow to make you smile!

When you are having a blue day or just in need of a little pick me up, here are my 14 best Instagram accounts to follow to make you smile, enjoy!

1. cintascotch – inspiringly simple illustrations with found objects and ink.

A video posted by Javier Pérez (@cintascotch) on

2. miserable_men – Men that went shopping. It’s a global epidemic.

A photo posted by Miserable Men (@miserable_men) on

3. tomhardyholdingdogs – Because Tom Hardy loves to hold dogs.

A photo posted by @tomhardyholdingdogs on

4. harlowandsage – The cutest updates from Harlow, Sage, Indiana & Reese.

5. peejet – New York City Graphic Design epic photoshops

A photo posted by Peeje (@peejet) on

6. happsters – happy quotes and lettering

7. ohhappyday – Design + craft + lifestyle celebrating fun. WE PUT THE “ART” IN PARTIES.

A photo posted by Jordan Ferney (@ohhappyday) on

8. jermzlee – Jeremy Veach with pug

A photo posted by Jeremy Veach (@jermzlee) on

9. quarterlifepoetry – sarcy and sassy

10. satiregram – The epitome of a typical Instagram user.

A photo posted by euzcil castaneto (@satiregram) on

11. trotterpup – Trotter, Fat & sassy.

A photo posted by Trotter (@trotterpup) on

12. kanyedoingthings – A less serious side to Kanye

13. digbyvanwinkle – Updates from Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle

14. baddiewinkle – stealing your man since 1928.

A photo posted by badddiiie (@baddiewinkle) on

What are your best Instagram accounts to follow to make you smile?


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