#BestFriend – Coffee + Cosmetics Valentines


I love make up and I also love coffee so when I saw this deal I knew I had to share it with you. This year for Valentine’s day Starbucks and Benefit are now #BestFriends and have teamed up in a fantastic collaboration – dishing out free coffees and cosmetics! Perfect.

For the month of love these two favourite brands are in a partnership, allow customers and their #BestFriend to share both coffees and complimentary makeovers.


Since the 1st of February and up until 31st March any customer at Starbucks can collect a bright pink emoji coaster that can be taken to Benefit in exchange for a free make over. Meanwhile, any customer at a Benefit Cosmetics boutique counter can pick up a pink coffee sleeve that can be taken into any Starbucks store for a 2-4-1 offer on hot drinks.


The story behind the brands new relationship? Apparently a meet on twitter sealed their friendship and after hitting it off they are now #Best Friends.

Benefit’s Hannah Webley-Smith said:

“Benefit’s strap line, ‘laughter is the best cosmetic’ really sums up the brand. We’re all about having fun and celebrating those moments that you spend with the gals – whether that’s friends, family or colleagues. It’s no secret that Starbucks is our BFF and the perfect partner for this activity.”

In this deal it might be worth checking out some of Starbuck’s new hot drinks collection. Starbucks are also adding two new delicious sounding coffees to the menu throughout February: the Pistachio Rose Mocha and Burnt Caramel Latte.


Unfortunately I don’t live anywhere close to any of their soon to appear pop up pamper parlours (in certain Starbucks store) but keep your eyes peeled if you live in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham or Liverpool!

It seems like a pretty cool idea so grab your bestie and make the most of it!




Mary Oliver

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