Blogger Events 2014 – Lush blogger breakfast Meadowhall

Blogger Events 2014

Blogger Events 2014

I was recently invited to Meadowhall for a blogger event to have some breakfast and see behind the scenes at Lush, learn about their products and try making some of our own! I was really excited about this as a long-time Lush fan so did a bit of videoing to show you what went on at the event.

After we took home our home made Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask and could choose a toner and cleanser. I chose A Breath of Fresh Air toner as it was really brightening for your complexion, although I was torn between it and the Tea Tree toner. You can apply the toner by either spraying directly on your face or spraying it on a cotton bud.

Blogger Events 2014

The cleanser I picked was the Let the Good Times Roll that was demonstrated on me in the video. It smells amazing and is a really gentle exfoliant so I can use it every night as it isn’t too harsh on my skin. You take a small amount, add water and rub into a paste and then gently use to scrub your face. I really like it but it only lasts a few months as it uses fresh natural ingredients so I probably have too much to use in that time. Next time I will go for a smaller tub of Ocean Salt I think, it was also featured in the video and sounded like a little cocktail of a cleanser!

It was fantastic seeing the fresh, cruelty free, natural concoctions made at Lush, I must have a go at making some of my own fresh face masks at home! I have done a DIY face mask post in the past,  is it sometime that you would like to see again?

Blogger Events 2014

I also didn’t know about Lush’s make up range. They had some amazing colours that can be used with different applicators to your eyes, lips, cheeks and hair. I left with Rainbow Hair. They also do the emotion colour wheel as shown in my video, here were my results –


Me and Rose with Beth – themoderngirlsguide

Blogger Events 2014

A big thanks to Meadowhall and Lush for having us, as well as all the lovely bloggers I met, I had a fantastic time. Please Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and give the video a thumbs up?!

Are you a Lush Fan?

Blogger Events 2014Blogger Events 2014Blogger Events 2014

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