Budget-Friendly Ideas to Update Your Space

Your home needs a refresh now and then, just like your wardrobe! Fortunately, there are so many ways to give your home a new lease of life without breaking the bank.  If the redecorating itch overcomes you then luckily it is easy to transform your space with simple additions while maintaining a budget. Sometimes it is the most straightforward solutions that have the most significant impact. See it as a chance to get creative while being thrifty. Decorate your home for less with these savvy ideas to get the look you love in every room in the house.


A budget-friendly option for an update to your space is a fresh coat of paint. Give your place a facelift or add some colour to your walls. A lick of paint is an inexpensive and quick method of refreshing or rethinking any room.

It could be giving a drab wall a burst of deep tones, making a statement with a feature wall or go all out and decorate an entire room in an intense shade. Maybe you need to wash away your decorating sins with fresh white or opt for a stylish muted tone. Whatever the case, you are guaranteed a striking look with the power of a coat of paint.


Recover & renew

When it comes to painting, don’t stop with the walls. There are many spray painting options to revamp old knick-knacks and thrift finds to give them the glam factor!

Instead of splashing out on new furniture, why not give your existing piece a makeover? Recovering with a new pattern or a quick paint to transform it into a unique, statement piece.

Give tired kitchens with dark cabinet doors and worktops a new finish. Paint cupboards with specialist paint and covering work surfaces with fablon for a budget-friendly revamp. This transformation will cost you a fraction of the price of a new kitchen.

Wall artwork

Swapping around artwork and photographs is a simple update to any interior. Many sites offer affordable art pieces or handmade designs to add new life to a gallery wall.

To cut costs go down the DIY route for a personal touch. Whether it is displaying magazine covers, crafting and embroidery or arranging photographs the possibilities are limitless. Mirrors are a great incorporation to any wall display as they add light, elegance and personality to even the smallest of spaces.

This change will mix up the overall vibe of the room. It is versatile and as simple as some cute washi tape, displaying stationary on a clipboard or swapping out a photo from a frame. While IKEA is perfect for cheap, light frames for a cohesive gallery wall, charity shop picture frames offer a more eclectic style.


Switching door knobs to decorative handles and old crockery to a new, clean dinner set are just some of the simple ways accessories can be used to make a difference to your interior at a cheap price point. Updating your pillows and cushions are a perfect example of an instantaneous make over on a budget. A simple change to match the interior palette without the need for a new sofa

Flowers and plants instantly brighten a space. Succulents are my go for to a cheap, fresh plant option. They are not only super trendy, but they are easy to grow more of and are very easy to maintain. Equally, lighting affects the overall atmosphere of a room, so it is essential to choose your lighting wisely. A fresh shade or stylish matching lamps can give a place the desired cohesive style.

Think outside the box for what lives in each room. Get creative such as moving furniture and art into different places or do something unexpected like adding vibrant kitchen rugs. Rugs are a surprisingly affordable way to add a pop of colour to a room.

Rethink about what you have, sometimes removing clutter and unwanted items can open up space while making you a little money if you sell it on. Restyle your shelves and rearrange the items on display for a new look. Small decorative objects such as pretty books or candles can all be easily changed out to update the home.

What budget-friendly ways have you updated your living space?