Crackle Nails – Rimmel, Crack your colour in shade 050 – Break the ice

Crackle nails have become extremely popular over the last few years. I often use crackle nail varnishes as I think they offer a great and easy effect that can be done quickly. For the effect on my nails this week I started with a coat of UMA Cosmetics – No. 28 The power of UMA. I bought this whilst I was in Prague and love it, its a great little grey nail varnish that lasts and is very cheap. Just what you need :)

Crackle Nails

I then went over my base coat with my Rimmel Crazy Top Coat, Crack your colour in shade 050 – Break the ice. I picked up mine at the local Poundland but if it isn’t stocked near you it can be found on Ebay here. This top coat gives large, uneven jagged cracks just likes cracks in ice. I love the result of these colours together, often jarring or bright colours are paired for crackle nail effects but the complimenting tones of these two shades work really well.

Crackle Nails

Mary Oliver

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