Cuckoo Leeds Blogger Event with GiffGaff

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Cuckoo in Leeds is a new bar on Call Lane. A bright and crazy colourful bar where you can make a stop for cocktails, craft beer and free pizza. The decor is bonkers, colourful murals, pink glitter walls, bright neon signs – all the fun of the fair!

Before 9pm you can grab free pizza with every drinks purchase. My favourite pizza was by far the ‘NACHO LUCKY DAY’ a unique nacho, cheese and guacamole slice designed by Lizi! Who would have thought of nachos and guac on pizza?

They also have a selection of dessert pizzas. We tried the ‘BLAME CANADA’ Maple peach with strudel topping, and ‘APPEALING’ Apple crumble and custard, which are also not to be missed.

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We were invited my GiffGaff for a game of Spend or Save. The aim of the game is about spending your money wisely and trying to save as much as you can.

Finance can be complicated but is an essential of daily life. Although Jon and I were out on our first go the game showed how vital understanding what’s going on with your money is. Kelly ended the game with the largest amount and as a team we chose that her winners prize, a £500 charity donation, would go to Macmillan.

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I personally think I am very good with money, I have needed to be going self-employed. I have always been careful – whether it is with my savings, knowing how much I have or preparing for important things – my wedding, our deposit for the house, travelling etc. More recently I have stopped buying into fast fashion and begun living a lot more minimally to cut my spending and live more happily.

Not everyone knows where their money goes to at the end of the month and how to make it go further which is the whole reason for the GiffGaff Leeds blogger event. You can get a free credit score check from GiffGaff here.

GiffGaff is designing a service with their members to help them be more in control and to get smarter insights into their finances. They believe that understanding your credit report can be the foundation for building healthy finances. Their Founders Club is a way to see how you can save, make better choices and improve your financial health.

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