Dutch Braids at Home in the Snow

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Dutch braids

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The weather this year has been so unusual in the UK. We are even meant to be getting snow again near Easter, where is our spring?!

Last weekend we were hit with even more snowfall which for me meant a cosy Sunday at home, keeping warm and brewing up!

I am so lucky to live right next to a woods, the trees looked incredible in the snow. It was definitely sweater weather, I stayed cosy in my Neve Jumper Dress in Rib Knit Black by Motel.

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Dutch braids

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On lazy days I often wear my hair in these chunky, fairly loose dutch braids. It keeps my hair out of the way and is perfect if you aren’t wanting to wash your hair. A great style for relaxing at home on a Sunday through to exercising at the gym.

If you are new to braiding I recommend trying out the braids first on a friend. If you can do french braids then dutch braids are really easy to master. Rather than going over the top to cross over each strand you go underneath. That is how you get the chunky, dutch braid look. You can then make your braids look even fuller, like I have done, by teasing out sections. This makes your hair look super thick and healthy.

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My hair is currently feeling very short for me, I recently had a fair amount chopped off. It has made it feel a lot healthier but I am missing the length – not that it is noticeable to anyone else!

To keep my hair more nourished from now on I am trying to hot style it less so will be wearing far more braids. I have also changed up my usual hair care products and have been trying out the 72 hair Daily Nourishing Duo. A pricy pair, but they have made my hair noticeably less frizz and more manageable. Here’s to healthier and stronger hair in the future!

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Dutch braids

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Dutch braids

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