Ebay Wish List – Topshop, Zara and Cheap accessories

Ebay Wish List

Ebay Wish List

I often create wish lists on my blog, a lot of the time containing items from eBay. If you would like to see any of the previous wish lists they can be found here. I love Ebay wish lists, Ebay is a great place to shop, you can find bargains, one off items and products that are sold out or no longer stocked. It is often very cheap, like the 4 Gold Stacker, Over Knuckle Rings I found that are less than £1! They look really pretty, I love over the knuckle rings at the moment and at that price you cannot go wrong. There will probably be a long wait to receive the items as they are coming from China, sometimes my items come really quickly but it often takes a while through customs.

My favourite item on the Ebay wish list is the Zara White Clutch. I love the simplicity, how it will go with any outfit and the cute quote – Stressed But Well Dressed that has made it sell out. I also love on my Ebay wish list the Topshop Black & White Oversized Stripe Tunic Dress which you may recognise if you read llymlrs blog. It’s a really chic, casual and flattering dress that can be easily dresses up and given accessories (like the Zara White Clutch).

I hope you like my Ebay wish list choices, let me know in the comments below and please remember to like and share this post!

Products in my Ebay Wish List –

Retro Transparent Acrylic Box Clutch Bag
Boho Casual Chiffon Top
Zara White Clutch – Stressed But Well Dressed
Topshop Black & White Oversized Stripe Tunic Dress
Love Label Topshop Black Tea Dress
4 Gold Stacker, Over Knuckle Rings
Ankle Strap Butterfly Chunky Heel Sandals

Which are your favourite items from my Ebay Wish List?

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