Fashion essentials this season

I love this time of year for fashion. The maxi dresses may have gone back into hibernation, and my funky beach bag won’t see the light of day for many months, but autumn and winter can mean only one thing: party season! The shops will start to fill up with sparkly dresses and jumpsuits over the next few months, as well as those warm winter coats and scarves of every colour. With this in mind, you need to know the basic fashion essentials if you’re going to be the one to stand out from the crowd.

Silk scarfs

Scarves are an essential for everyone this time of year, purely because they keep us warm and toasty against the harsh elements. Scarves aren’t just there for comfort, though, acting as a top winter accessory for those wanting to tie together an outfit. You can buy them in hundreds of different patterns and styles, from tartan to polka dot, but my favourite kind this year is the delicate silk scarf.

It can still help to keep out the cold, but when you’re heading out for the evening, they can be used as a wrap while in a restaurant. They can accentuate an outfit by giving a plain back dress a colour boost, and of course, the high-quality designer versions add that perfect touch of glamour during the festive season.

A touch of sparkle

Speaking of adding glamour, another way to give a simple outfit an instant lift is with a piece of sparkly statement jewellery. If you take a look at the ChloBo website, I’m certain you’ll find something to fit your look; they make fine handmade jewellery in dozens of different styles, textures and materials, so there’s a piece for every outfit.

Opt for some of their long, rose gold earrings if you’re wearing your hair up with a long dress of a single colour. Or, go for one of their famous charm bracelets, and add the charms that say something about your personality. It will help you make a big impact at that next Christmas party.

New boots all round

Sadly, those stunning summer sandals will have to stay in the wardrobe for a while, but instead, you can pick up some beautiful new boots. The cold weather on the horizon means you’ll be in need of hard-wearing footwear, but for those who want to stay in style, go for a warm, chestnut-brown leather ankle boot to go with skinny jeans for a cool day look.

Or, if you’re heading out on the town, but it’s icy outside, keep an eye out for knee or calf-high black suede boots. They can easily be paired with a skater dress or pencil skirt, for a twist to an evening look. Of course, if you’ll be trudging through fields, there are plenty of vibrantly coloured wellington boots out there too.

What do you think of my fashion essentials?

Let me know in the comments if you know of any other tips for festive fashion.