Five quick tips to keep your home cosy this winter

Winter is now approaching with its harsh, cold season. This time of year can be straining on homes with homeowners needing to pay attention to the little things that can make a big difference. Here are five quick tips to keep your home cosy this winter.

  1. Your thermostat

Before having Nest installed, I was terrible for not understanding my thermostat settiungs. By not looking into the settings I was paying for heat when I didn’t need it. Having a thermostat such as Nest means my house is now cosy when I want it to be and far more efficient. Having the control on my phone gives me the perfect preferences, and the temperature is automatically adjusted to save energy when I am away. Programming your thermostat saves money and lets you enjoy a warm home when you’re there!

  1. Curtains

There are two main ways to keep your home cosy with your curtains. The first is that thicker curtains are a great way to stop your house losing heat through the windows. We found thermal curtains at Dunelm Mill very cheap for keeping the heat in around our front door.  

The second way to keep your house nice and toasty just with your curtains is to make sure they are open during the day and closed when it gets dark. Let in the sunlight and the natural heat that brings. This heat is free so make the most of it! At dusk be sure to draw them to retain the heat. The curtain is another layer of insulation and will help to keep warmth in your rooms.

  1. Draughts

Draught excluders around doors, windows, letterboxes, cat flaps, keyholes and cracks in the floor can make a big difference. It is also a perfect DIY project! Have a go at making a sausage dog draught excluder yourself as a fun interior design DIY. Other options such as rubber seals around doors and bristles on your letterbox are straightforward to install. Getting your windows sealed before winter properly kicks in to keep your home toast. Even the smallest of draughts can make a room a lot colder, so cutting this out will immediately make a difference.

  1. Exterior

It is easy to focus on the interior of the house, but the exterior can make a big difference to your cosy inside! It may be that you need a render repair service for the exterior render of your home so that it functions effectively. Keep your home exterior protected to stop the house being susceptible to damage and at a high risk of infiltration of moisture.

  1. Move furniture

This is a swift solution, and while it might be wonderful to have a favourite seat by the radiator, it will be absorbing all of the heat. Large sofas in front of heaters can delay your warming home. Rearrange your space so that the hot air can circulate. This is also true for your curtains and drying clothes. Keep curtains behind radiators to get the most from your heat source.