Gold Wave nail design

Here is my gold wave nail design, done using Sally Hansen Nail Color, Sea 07. I decorated my false nails first and then applied them as it is so much easier than trying to decorate my right hand! I started by applying 2 coats of Sally Hansen Nail Color, Sea 07 to my super cheap ebay false nails. Once dry I then applied my Nail Stickers halfway down the nail, this is a great way of adding extra detail to your nail and makes it look far more intricate as well as creating a guide for painting the tp colour. I then used Essie Metallic Collection Good as Gold to colour the nail tips. I hate long fake nails as I do a lot of typing so I later cut them shorter.

Gold Wave nail design

Cut down to size –

Gold Wave nail design

Nail Stickers

Sally Hansen Nail Color, Sea 07

Essie Metallic Collection Good as Gold

False Nails

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