Halloween Makeup Ideas and Inspiration

I love Halloween Makeup and my favourite place to find ideas and inspiration are on Instagram. Below are my favourite Halloween Makeup creations, a few for beginners leading to some more intricate designs for the ambitious and artistic to try out!

1. Delicate Mask

A photo posted by Rachel Perkins (@rmperki) on

2. Peel Away Pumpkin

A photo posted by Brenna (@artbybmazz) on

3. Melted Skull

4. Sexy Witch

5. Cracked Doll

A photo posted by Leanne Green (@lea__makeup) on

6. Illusion

7. Fembot

A photo posted by Trista (@twhydra) on

8.Face On

A photo posted by Amber Lea (@amberleastewart) on

9. Horror Pumpkin

10. Pretty Sugar Skull

A photo posted by @victoriagabriel_makeup on

11. Minimal Skull

A photo posted by Rachel Perkins (@rmperki) on

12. Pokemon Inspired

13. Cute, simple fawn deer

A photo posted by Nicole (@kingnicoole) on

14. Bride of Frankenstein

15. Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland

16. Diamonte Angel

A photo posted by JORDAN • HANZ (@jordanhanz) on

17. Smile

A photo posted by JESSICA NEELS (@jneels) on

18. Stitch

19. VooDoo

A photo posted by JORDAN • HANZ (@jordanhanz) on

20. Goldilocks

A photo posted by Erika Marie (@erikamariemua) on

Which is your favourite Halloween Makeup Design?
Which Halloween Makeup look will you be trying this year?

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