How to Start a Money Making Blog – ShopSense Review

How to Start a Money Making Blog

How to Start a Money Making Blog – ShopSense Review

Another post in my Tecky Tuesday how to start a money making blog series! Today I am showing a tool not only great for more viewed blogs but also for smaller newer blogs. This outlet is ShopSense, something you may have already seen used on my blog. Unlike Skimlinks, which I discussed last week here, that pays you for items bought from your site ShopSense pays per click.

This is the major perk with ShopSense over other affiliate sites. If you link items from a company that is in affiliation with ShopSense then you can create a link that generates some income when clicked, whether the item is bought or not. The amount you do receive does increase if items are bought and it can quickly begin generating money. It has a very user friendly interface that is easy to navigate, you can also see the most popular items and stores which is useful feedback.

How to Start a Money Making Blog

Another perk with ShopSense is ShopStyle. Many of you may have heard or use ShopStyle. I often use their layouts tool to create my wishlists. I find items I like, favourite them and then go into layouts. There I can see my favourites and simple drag and drop the images and then arrange them outside of Photoshop. I then screen grab the finalised image and link the items with ShopSense links in my post.

There are downsides with ShopSense too. One is that there is no indication of how many clicks made or items you have helped sell so you don’t know how much you are paid per click or sale. I noticed a sudden drop in daily amounts made just before my first payout, it has since gone back up but as I cannot see the number of clicks there is no way of seeing why this is. Secondly, the payout from ShopSense only happens once your balance reaches £100. This can take a long time and I imagine is where they make their profit if some bloggers never reach that target. Thirdly, ShopSense isn’t an automated system, you need to go into tools and convert links. Not all online shops are included, such as Ebay. Lastly, ShopSense will be making a cut, there is no way to see how much and you can potentially earn more from other affiliate sites if your readers often buy items.

I hope you enjoy me sharing this information on how to start a money making blog and please share anything else of interest with the community in the comments below!

Have you tried ShopSense?


Mary Oliver

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  • Jemma

    I think I may preffer this over SkimLinks as I get a lot of clicks but a small number of actual buys so I haven’t made too much from that.

    Do you have a rough idea of whens I good idea to start using sites like this? I haven’t been blogging long and I want to wait for a while until I’m more established to start using money making sights though I’m not sure when to count myself as established


  • Mariah

    Thanks for the information. I might start using this myself soon!

  • I do see ShopStyle a lot. Now I know why! Sounds like a good program. Sounds like it would be good for the smaller blogs. Thanks for the information!

    xoxo Lauren | Will Sing For Makeup

  • It’s very helpful, I’m going to check it out.

    Thank you very much.

  • lisa robb

    Very helpful thanks
    L x

  • thanks for the post, is this website only good for the UK or can it be used for Canadian bloggers as well?

  • carlyhitchcock

    Oh this is something I hadn’t thought about! Sounds like a great addition to my blog, I wonder where I can fit it in?

  • Millicent

    Nice review!
    However I have to put a warning out there for people who are trying to use it.

    You may NOT get paid!

    I have been using Shopsense for around 6 months and have well over $100 in my account now. After 6 separate emails and 3 weeks I have had no response. I’m a little annoyed that there is no communication on their behalf because I am still promoting their products and am unsure whether to continue with the current state of communications.

    I keep hearing cases of peoples accounts being closed without notice and without being rightfully paid.

    Has anyone else had experience with their support team… I would really like to receive my rightful payments.

    • RT

      Yep something has happened to me. I’m well over my threshold for payment and after countless emails they refuse to respond.

  • zissop

    I’m lately using the affiliation program of – – and have decent results. They are not as big as the other mentioned here but they give a solid 5c per click out and seems to have a large inventory of products / merchants. It’s very easy to use their links either; just define your blog URL on the registration form and then, every link back to them from blog is automatically tracked; no complex at all!

  • mzazou

    I`ve been using shopsense for a while and when i finally hit 100 dollars, they suddenly locked my account without any notice. I sent them an email asking for details and they answered back that it was because of more than 6 month of inactivity. I insisted about it and I got this: “We reviewed your site and the traffic from your site, and we saw low conversion from your traffic. Your traffic did not qualify for our program at this time. Our apologies for the inconvenience.” Seriously !! I was working hard on my blog to bring unique visitors, sharing my posts on social networks and such,,, but they locked my account when I hit 100 dollars. How convenient for them to cash money and lock accounts for “low conversion traffic”.
    What is your experience with shopsense? Do they really pay? Is it scam? or I am just very unlucky?