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I always love to try out new and independent places, and Temple Coffee and Donuts has been high on my list for a long time! I first spotted this hipster gem on a list of vegan friendly spaces when eating out in Leeds. I’m vegetarian, so it was great to know that there would be a lot of choice for me and any other vegan friends. A fairly hidden cafe, tucked away in an industrial estate with no signage out front to suggest its location.

temple coffee

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Temple Coffee and Donuts are becoming increasingly popular with their ever-changing, Instagram friendly donut menu and speciality drinks. Their special hot drinks include matcha and chai lattes and flowering teas. Their turmeric-laced golden milk, “The Sabbath” – their signature black latte, “The Pink Floyd” white hot chocolate and “The Zepplin” – a new latte release with food dye design are all eye-catching.

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temple coffee

Jon and I split the cookie dough and strawberry glaze donuts; both were delicious. Fresh, huge and maybe worth the £3.50 each price tag? The donut options are always changing so if you visit you may not be able to get our selections, such as my friends blue vanilla butterfly or pretzel caramel donut! Sadly there are no gluten-free options yet, which is disappointing for my celiac sister.

The donuts are excessive in every way and very indulgent. The blue vanilla was full of food dye – colouring my friend’s mouth and teeth bright blue! I washed down my sugary snack with a pink-dyed Pink Floyd white hot chocolate. My drink had a real marshmallow taste, needless to say; I left on a high.

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Temple Coffee and Donuts has a friendly atmosphere with a hipster vibe. Dog-friendly with a vintage photo booth and plenty of vegan choices.

A main down point of Temple Coffee is that they often sell out of donuts. I have tried so many times to get one of their donuts and arrived several hours before they close to find they are all sold out. I took no chances this time and arrived in the AM!

As it is so popular, there is a queue through their small shop at all times, and there is very limited seating. You can always get your food and drink to go as there industrial location means there is a lot of parking available.

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