Lush Easter 2016 Collection

The new Lush Easter 2016 collection has been announced and will be available in stores and online from the 29th February 2016 (although there are some available already at their Oxford Street store I believe).

lush easter 2016

The Lush Easter 2016 collection includes a range of old easter favourites, revamped or reinvented designs as well as some lovely new products. Some of the products are only available to purchase individually in the Lush Oxford Street store however if you are desperate to get your hand on them some are mixed in with the gift set options. I am happy to see that my favourite of all the Lush bath products, Golden Egg Bath Bomb Bath Melt, has made a return this year.

lush easter 2016

Here are all the items featured in the Lush Easter 2016 collection –

Knot Wraps

Easter Pals £4.50

lush easter 2016

Gift Sets

Good Egg – £26.95

lush easter 2016
Bouncy Bunny – £18.95

lush easter 2016
Carrot – £19.95

lush easter 2016
Funky Bunny – £14.95

lush easter 2016
Rainbow – £11.95

lush easter 2016

Re Usable Bubble Bars

Bunch of Carrots – £6.25 (re-designed)

lush easter 2016

Shower Jellys

Bouncy Bunny – £3.95 – NEW

lush easter 2016

Bath Bombs

Humpty Dumpty – £6.95 – NEW

lush easter 2016
Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt – £3.95

lush easter 2016
Which Came First? – £6.95 (Last year named Immaculate Eggception)

lush easter 2016
Fluffy Egg – £2.95

lush easter 2016
Spring Bunny – £3.50 – NEW

lush easter 2016
Somewhere Over the Rainbow – £3.25 – NEW/Exclusive

Soaps –

Somewhere Over The Rainbow – £4.25

lush easter 2016

Bubble Bars –

Ultraviolet – £4.95

lush easter 2016
Down the Rabbit Hole – £3.95 – NEW/Exclusive
Tweet bubble bar – £3.45 – NEW/Exclusive

Are you excited about any of the new Lush Easter 2016 range?

Do you miss any past Lush Easter products?

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  • I can’t wait for this collection to be released near me! I LOVE themed goodies, and when it comes to Lush… I have a feeling I’ll be broke this Easter haha!

    Lizzie Bee //

  • Sarah Biggs

    Oh my gosh, this is all so exciting! I want them all. I guess I’ll need to start saving!

  • Nat

    I’m not that wowed by the Easter collection this year, sadly. I have my eye on a few things though like Fluffy Egg, Bouncy Bunny, and the Bouncy Bunny gift set. :)