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orly matte fx Matt nail polishes I really like Matte Nail Polishes, they are a great way to add creativity to your nails and stand out from the crowd. I was recently sent the Orly Matte FX* from The Hut, they don’t seem to sell it any more but it can be found on Amazon. I really like the polish, not just the metallic shade but the even finish it gives and the black speckle tones flecks among the silver. It has a strong colour and is quite thick consistency. The paint dries smooth and even enhancing the matte effect. I love the finish the Orly Matte FX gave and want the top coat so that I can apply this effect to any colour.

I wanted to contrast matte polishes and top coats so my swatches show a combination of different polishes. As you can see the Ciate Mattnificent only works with the chalkboard black polish, above other shades it just cracks. The Bourjois So Matt is a great top coat and gives a noticeably different texture to normal gloss but it isn’t exactly 100% matte. It works really well on both dark and light shades to give the subtle frosted effect.

Orly Matte FX – Iron Butterfly

Ciate Mattnificent

Ciate Chalkboard

Nails Inc Black Taxi

Sally Hansen Cardinal

Maybelline Ceramic Blue

Bourjois So Matt

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