Maybelline Spring Nude Nail Art

Maybelline Spring Nude Nail Art

Spring colour palette for nails is all about understated neutrals and nudes, a classy palette with classy designs. The catwalk this year showed soft and pretty nail art, simple and delicate rather than loud or garish. Minimal jewelled nails are going to be big, they are pretty, glamorous and very simple to do.

Here is my Maybelline Spring Nude Nail Art done using the Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Polish 10ml in Rosy Sand shade. I painted two layers and left to dry. I then added a single silver gem at the base of each nail by blobbing a silver dot from my Rio Professional Pastel Nail Art Kit and using tweezers to put into place. This set is really good for nail art and comes with the gems, you can use any nail polish to secure nail gems but the pens mean you have more control. If you are looking to get into nail art I would really recommend the Rio Professional Pastel Nail Art Kit. I sealed the nails using two coats of the Maybelline Express Finish Nail Polish 01 Transparent to finish.

What are your thoughts on this seasons nail art trends?

Items used

Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Polish 10ml in Rosy Sand

Maybelline Express Finish Nail Polish 01 Transparent

Rio Professional Pastel Nail Art Kit


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