Met Gala 2014 Round Up: The Good, The Bad and the what was Kristen wearing.

Met Gala 2014 Round Up

The Met Gala 2014 Round Up

The Good

Here is a compilation of the best outfits from this years Vogue Met Gala 2014. I would love to know your thoughts on the outfits seen at this years red carpet. Starting with my favourites…

Karolina Kurkova

Victoria Beckham


Lupita Nyong’o

Emmy Rossum

Sarah Jessica Parker

Charlize Theron

Olsen Twins

Lily Aldridge

Hailee Steinfeld

Random Leg

An ode to the Angelina Jolie’s Leg dress was definitely made with large slits featuring in many a long dress.

Rita Ora

Anne Hathaway

Kim Kardashian


The Bad

There is a line between flamboyant glamour and over the top, unflattering drama and whilst these outfits are more eye catching than some of the safer more boring choices they are leaning towards comic rather than stunning.

Erykah Badoula

Solange Knowles

Kate Upton

Katie Holmes

Zoe Saldana

And Kristen Stewart

Which were your favourites from my Met Gala 2014 round up, are they any missed or misplaced? I would love to know your thoughts.

Mary Oliver

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  • I loved emmy rossum and SJP’s dresses! you can never go wrong with huge, puffy gowns!

  • chntl

    I am in love with what SJP and Karolina are wearing, stunning! My least favourite has to be Kate Upton, what were you thinking girl?

    Chantalle x

  • I think Kristen Steward looked awesome! Her hair looks great and she’s not even slouching!

  • I liked Hailee Steinfeld’s and Emmy Rosum’s dresses! Maybe it’s because I like the not-so-out-there-more-wearable-dress looks haha but I like how they’re still a bit dramatic!! :)

    Cat // CACHOO JOO

  • Ahh SJP’s gown is stunning.
    Kate Upton … those nude-coloured panels are hideously misplaced…
    just looking at all these dresses though makes me so jealous

  • Lazy Days Beauty

    SJP’s gown looks gorgeous from the front but I haven’t seen the back until now and wow! Not sure about Kristen Stewart bless her – I don’t think her new hair colour helps either!

    Jaq @

  • Amadee May

    Karolina Kurkova was one of my top picks too, she looked stunning. I also did a round-up style post! :)

  • I think Lupita stole the show – she looked amazing! xx

  • Zoe

    Why does Kristen Stewarts strange choice not surprise me? My favorites have to be Lilly Aldridge’s sleek number, Victoria Beckham’s all white piece, and of course, Lupita :) I also think Anne Hathaway looks stunning in the red! Definitely the Angelina Jolie leg has made a name for itself. xx

  • Larissa Gommers

    Love Rihanna’s and Victoria Beckham’s dresses!

  • Mia Felce

    I love Emmy Rossum and Victoria Beckham’s choices. I really don’t understand what is going on with Kate Upton’s outfit though!



    pretty eclectic

  • Nicola Simmons

    Ah I’d totally disagree on Lupita and SJP. I hate that 90’s prom dress thing that so many of the girls did (SJP, Katie, Zooey Deschanel) especially with the gloves. I prefer to see something classic and understated on Lupita – let her incredible features to the talking. They look kind of lost in this weird fishnet. xx

  • Avonell

    Check out my post on the Met Gala! I loved Janelle Monae outfit as well!
    Ramblings & Musings |

  • Fiona

    Anne Hathaway was stunning!
    Kate Upton, wtf?

  • Simone Roberts

    Do some of these people ask their friends what they look like before they leave the house?! Madness. Kristen Stewart – just… wow…!

    Simone | Thirty
    Something OAP

  • Tanahya Grace

    Kristen’s hair and make-up looked amazing, the dress was abit edgey for the gala though
    I’ve just done my own post on the met gala best dressed
    Please have a look? would mean a lot!

  • Joanne Kilday

    I love seeing what everyone is gonna wear to the met ball, my post about my faves is going up on my blog tomorrow, check it out :)! I never noticed how like Belle from Beauty and the Beast Katie Holmes looked till now!!

  • Laura Glitter

    My favourite ones were Rihanna’s and Cara Delevigne’s dresses and Sarah Jessica Parker was impressive.

    I have also done a blog post about the met gala, it would be great if you could take a look at it :)

    ♥ ♥

  • Love SJP! Stunning like always!
    Katie Homes looks so old in that photo its like Belle in 50 years!
    xo Holly xo


  • Hana

    My favortires were definitely Rihanna and Emma Stone! Super chic and sexy! I’m posting up my favs tomorrow on my blog! I’m also hosting a giveaway! :) Come check it out!

  • Miss FH

    Karolina Kurkova’s look is (maybe) everyone’s fav :) I read many blog posts where she’s featured in best dressed list. Btw, Suki Waterhouse looked stunning too xx