Minnie Mouse Wishlist

I am Disney mad so here is my Minnie Mouse Wishlist! I love Anna Sui’s ASOS collection of Minnie Mouse, perfect Disney for adults :)  especially the nail varnish and lipstick! The Primark Bambi hoodie looks amazing in a black and white to colour print. I have so many cushions on my bed that some have to be on the floor when I sleep but I think I could try and fit on some more with these gorgeous Minnie Mouse cushions. Rounding up my Minnie Mouse Wishlist is the Minnie mouse nail wraps that look great and are only £3.10!


#1 Designer inspired Disney at Primark  Bambi Sweatshirt 

#2 Lovely Cartoon Minnie Mouse Knitted Hat 

#3 Disney Girl’s Minnie Mouse Lip Smacker

#4 Anna Sui ASOS Exclusive Minnie Mouse Nail Polish

#5 Disney Minnie Mouse Shopaholic Make up tin 

#6 Anna Sui ASOS Exclusive Minnie Mouse Make Up Set -1

#7 Anna Sui ASOS Exclusive Minnie Mouse Perfect Mascara

#8 Junk Food Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Holding Hands Ladies Jumper

#9 Mickey and Minnie Mouse filled cushion 

#10 Anna Sui ASOS Exclusive Minnie Mouse Rose Hand Cream

#11 Cute Girls Mickey Minnie Mouse Hoodie

#12 Anna Sui ASOS Exclusive Minnie Mouse Lip Balm

#13 Minnie Mouse Red ‘Love’ cushion

#14 Minnie Mouse Disney Nail Art

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