Moroccan Roots – Argan Oil review

Moroccan Roots Argan OilArgan Oil Moroccan RootsArgan Oil review

I haven’t ever really used oils as part of my beauty routine. I’ve used hot oils on my hair when it is really damaged but other than that I’ve not ventured further. I’m keen to look into the benefits of using oil, a friend from Afghanistan recently explained that she uses oil to combat oily skin and breakouts so this is something that I must look into!

I was recently sent a sample of Argan Oil from Moroccan Roots, the oil is produced in south western Morocco, is cruelty free and is 100% organic Argan Oil. This oil can be used for a number of treatments for your skin, lips, eyelashes, nails and hair. I have mainly been using the oil to strengthen my nails again after having acrylics put on for the first time over Christmas. My nails were so damaged by the acrylics and my cuticles were very sore. A few drops of oil goes a very long way.

I’ve been reading up about using Argan Oil as an overnight hair mask, my hair does suffer with greasiness quite easily but is dry at the ends so I will try this out and report my findings soon :)

Have you tried Argan Oil?


Mary Oliver

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  • sarazbeautytonic

    i love argan oil had got it once from french pharmacy but never found the same in london i’m not sure if we get it in uk?saw number of people selling it on ebay but i wasnt sure if it was 100% argan oil

  • Leneth

    I’ve been really keen on discovering things like this, as my hair is supersuper dry and frizzy :( Please update when you try it on your ends!

  • B.

    The packaging is so cute! I’ve only used Josie Maran, but I do like it!


  • I’ve never used oils, but I’ve been reading about them a lot lately. I want to use it in my hair, but if it gets greasy, it’s never coming out, haha. Can’t wait to see how it works for you!

  • Nass

    I’m using the loreal mythic oil range which has Argan oil. Definitely helps tame my frizzy hair and keeps it under control. Use it on my hair before blow drying :)

  • Hayley Chall

    Yes I swear by it for towel dried hair. It makes it so much new silky and brings the moisture back! X

  • Anya

    Fancy packaging! I’ve tried using the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse oil on the ends of my hair & it worked surprisingly well. I think because it’s multi-purpose and suitable for your face it wasn’t too heavy like a few hair oils.

    • I love the packaging, gorgeous. That sounds good, my ends of my hair get really dry so will be trying this out x

  • Great post!

  • Amanda C. @ A Malleable Heart

    I haven’t used it but I am really interested to see how it works. Looking forward to that review.

  • Kelly Lelly

    Oh that looks amazing!!

    I looooove Argan oil so much.

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  • Lucy

    I love argan oil, I use it on my face and hair every day. I only use a couple of drops on my hair but it detangles and gives my hair a lovely shine. I couldn’t be without it. If my skin is really dry I use it underneath hand cream and body lotion xx

  • kashystardust

    Hi Mary and Rose, I have never used argan oil but heard good things about it. I’m personally a major fan of coconut oil!! Absolutely love it for my hair and skin.

  • Lua

    Yes! the best oil I ever used!!!! I made a post too