New Beauty Blogging Backgrounds on a Budget!

You may have noticed over the last few posts that I have some new beauty blogging backdrops. I have recently been renovating my first home and blogging during this period has been really hard, finding any space to work, store my products and photograph them well. I had a look around for ideas that I could use and then, whilst choosing laminate for the house, came across the perfect solution.

Laminate flooring samples make fantastic beauty blogging photo backgrounds and are also incredibly cheap for a simple square. I had a look online at B&Q and had a look through their laminate samples and saw that they were selling some of their discontinued lines of laminate samples for 1p! I chose three that were 1p and did a click and collect. One thing I would say about B&Q is don’t do click and collect, my order wasn’t put together for when I arrived so was a lot of wasted time queuing. After a lot of faffing I ended up going with their flooring expert to find the samples I had ordered. He found the three I was after and, after finding out what I was using them for, offered to go through the rest of the discontinued lines with a scanner looking for ones that were 1p.

Beauty Blogging Backgrounds

He was so nice and I ended up with 5 different flooring samples for 1p and also bought their Colours Leggiero White Oak Effect Laminate Flooring Sample for £2 as I loved the distressed painted floor effect. I love having simple backgrounds that I can store away easily but are great for photographing products on without distracting from the item. If you are looking for more beauty blogger backgrounds go into your local B&Q and see if you can get the same 1p bargain laminate samples that I did!

Beauty Blogging Backgrounds

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