Pink Parcel – Tampons and Treats

I love subscription boxes, I’ve used Graze, Memebox, Glossybox and Birchbox but I was recently contacted about a very unique subscription box that I have never heard of before. The pink parcel delivers tampons every month to your door along with treats to cheer you up.

Pink Parcel

In the Pink Parcel you receive a small draw string bag with a few tampons in, “for now,” to keep in your bag. You also receive 2 “for later” supply boxes of tampons, there were 26 in total in my pink parcel.

Pink Parcel

The final box is “for you”, a little something to cheer you up. It isn’t the largest box but it is packed with very thoughtful treats to pick you up on your time of the month. In mine I received –

Pink Parcel

The box costs £5.95 for your first box and £9.99 after with shipping included in both their prices. You can choose tampon brands, absorbencies needed and organise it to arrive 5 days before your cycle begins. Even though this is not a beauty box it is roughly the same price and I received 3 full sized beauty products, which is much better than the tiny samples I’ve started receiving in Birchbox. It made me think this box was brilliant value for money especially as there is no hidden cost in postage like you often find at the checkout. If you are someone who forgets to buy them then this could be really useful or great for a daughter at University as it is really discrete and they also get some goodies!

What do you think of the Pink Parcel and subscription boxes in general?

Pink Parcel

Pink Parcel*

Pink Parcel






Buy It Again



  • Adaptable for each customer
  • Repackaged Genuine brands
  • Full sized, lovely treats
  • Postage included in price


  • Box was a little squashed in post
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