Primark and MUA Nail Polish – Are Cheap Nail Polishes Worth It?

Primark and MUA Nail Polish

Pound Polishes – Primark and MUA Nail Polish

I’ve never been very brave in branching out to new nail polish brands. I love Barry M, Bourjois, Rimmel, Sally Hansen etc… the main high street nail polish names. I’d only ever looked at getting more expensive polishes to add to my collection but thought I should start looking at cheaper alternatives! I’ve bought £8 or more polishes in the past and sometimes been surprised how quickly they chip with that price tag. If a cheaper polish can last and has a good shade then why spend more?

I recently bought MUA Nail Polish Amaretto Crush after spotting that they are only £1 in Superdrug! I was pretty amazed at that price and since pinks and pastels are fantastic at the moment I thought I would have to give it a go. If I am honest I cannot tell the difference between this polish and one that cost 4 times the amount. MUA is often understocked in UK Superdrugs and doesn’t always have the same range in colours but if you spot a shade you like then this is worth trying. Like most polishes it needs 2 coats but drying time is very quick. I’ve worn it on my nails for 2 days now with no chips which is pretty amazing for me. I love having a lighter girly shade on my nails as they are so short atm (they are still recovering from having acrylics on at Christmas :/ )

mua nail polish

Second cheap nail polish that I would recommend is in the Primark Beauty range. I recently went shopping on a blogger meet up in Hull and had never tried the range before but was easily persuaded too! I chose their spotty polish as it was reduced to £1. It is a very pale purple grey colour and has large and small grey spots in it. Again I was impressed, often glittery polishes let you down, you can’t get an even amount of dots, the polish dries uneven/bumpy or it is all clear polish and no glitter. I applied two coats and it gave an even amount of dots without me trying, very easy and effective.

MUA Nail Polish Amaretto Crush

Have you tried these cheaper polishes or have any recommendations?

Mary Oliver

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  • nat simone

    I’ve also had great success with the MUA polishes…haven’t ventured into the primark collection, however I may have to give it a go (for the colour alone!) X

  • Savannah Giersthove

    These colours are lovely!

    x Savannah

  • I’ve purchased the MUA nail varnishes countless times, they’re such good quality for the price! I also have the same shade as you but I’ve not yet tried it so I’m reassured that it’s good!

  • Porcelina

    I’ve never tried the MUA, but am willing to give it a go after this review! I’ve tried Geoge at Asda nail polishes, cheap and cheerful, but they don’t have much staying power to be honest.

  • I think the MUA nail polishes are amazing! x

  • Mia Salazar

    the spotty nail polish <3

    themiasalazar { life | thoughts | pictures }

  • I have never heard of MUA until your post, thank you =) but I am a huge fan of Bourjois, Rimmel, in nail polish, and Make-up, I’ll have to a dmi, I have not polished my nails in MONTHS!

  • Rachel

    I love the £1 nail varnishes from bodycare! They usually need two coats but are so good for the price!


  • Hayley

    The MUA one reminds me of Essie polishes – I’m sure they do some dupe shades as well.


  • Is good to know there are cheeper alternatives that are good, thanks for sharing!
    Have an awesome day :)

  • Georgia

    The purple spotty nail varnish looks so nice! xx

  • Jessica Whitbread

    I absolutely love the MUA polishes, I have hunted down all of the shades now! I haven’t tried the Primark ones though!

  • jenny

    I’m not a fan of MUA’s polishes and find that nowadays, I prefer to buy fewer, more expensive polishes as I hate long drying times and the drying effects certain brands’ polishes have on my nails!

  • I’ve never tried MUA’s polishes, although I do like their make-up. The bottle is very Essie looking. Might have to pick one up next time I’m in Superdrug.

  • Random Indi

    I always go for the cheap nail polishes, and they’re really good. But they sometimes crack or are very hard to remove :)

  • Megan

    I wish they had MUA in Canada! Its a brand I really want to try.

  • tracey bowden

    I don’t have many MUA polishes but I got my daughter the 1D one for her birthday. I’m not a fan of Avon or Miss Sporty ones. I have found Rimmel, which are my favourite in pound stores and Revlon ones

  • I love the maybelline super stays, they’re brilliant and not expensive at all! x

  • SimplyCharlotteB

    I am a big big fan of MUA polishes :D Not tried Primark yet though…. Never been grabbed by a colour, have to admit with near 100 nail varnishes I am finding it harder and harder to buy new ones :| . Just ordered 2 of Avon’s soon to be released gel ones today though super excited about them (cosmo have given them really good reviews, can’t wait to try them myself!! :D) x

    • oh let me know how you get on with them. might be a purchase in the future.

      • SimplyCharlotteB

        The Avon ones seem pretty good over all, they apply nicely, and have pretty good lasting power, they definitely last longer than your average polish (5 days ish). I also recently forked out for some of the Revlon Parfumerie ones such pretty bottles!! They do smell as they are supposed to for a day or so, but so so hard to apply and chipped in a couple of days :(
        I wrote a full post on the Avon ones here :) –

  • Caroline

    I love the MUA polish! So cute. I wish we had that brand in the US.

  • carley

    great read! love finding out that cheap products work just as well as more expensive options

  • Geukje

    Too bad they don’t sell MUA in Belgium. I did however tried a Primark nail polish (a crackling one) and I really did not like it… It was supposed to be silver crackling, but it turned out ‘correcting pen white’ on my nails… So after that one I didn’t dare to try another one.

  • John Hartil

    Yes some of the cheaper products are great value but it is nice to have some expensive ones for those special occasions

  • Neelam

    There’s a store called Beauty Base here in the UK that sells nail polish for 99p. I find their lasting power is much better than Rimmel’s lasting finish nail polishes. You should give them a go too! :) I think I may just try out the MUA nail polishes! Great post xx

  • Eleanor Wong

    the primark nail polish looks awesome! too bad there’s no primark here:/

  • That MUA one is the most gorgeous colour! I’ll defo be looking out for it.

  • mills charm

    Great info I will deffo be checking out the MUA xxx

  • Annie

    I’ve been really impressed with the MUA nail varnish. I always chip my nails and this has lasted! xx

  • Carey Boyle

    Barry M is so good, and that is quite cheap. Their glitter nail varnishes take forever to remove though!

    Something about Carey

  • Jade Morriss

    I own a few MUA nail polished but not this one – I like it! I keep hearing about Primark’s new beauty range but have yet to try any of it for myself, hopefully I will some time soon.
    Bits & Bobs