Senzimi Moisturiser and Cleanser Product Review

Senzimi Moisturiser and Cleanser Product Review

Recently Senzimi sent us some of their samples so here is our Senzimi Moisturiser and Cleanser Product Review! Senzimi’s product is aimed at sensitive skin and they formulate  ‘free from’ products. Thier samples were vegetarian (a plus for myself as a life long vegetarian), free from sulphates and mineral oils and were 99.77% natural.

As someone who continually suffers from sensitive and dry skin I found this product fantastic. It had stripped all the usually added artificial aromas and colours and gave a pure moisturiser and cleaner that were light and effective without causing any irritation. Although I do not really suffer with any skin disease or severe dry skin I would highly recommend this product to others as an effective organic product that leaves the skin feeling amazing.

Find these products and many more in their range at the Senzimi Website. 

Mary Oliver

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