Spring Style – Spring Chic 2015

Spring can be one of the more difficult times of year to style with it being a transitional season. Springs key womenswear trends for 2015 are chic, universally wearable and practical but most importantly comfortable. Here are a few pieces of spring style that are currently on my wish list, featuring a range of muted tones, pops of colour and layerable items. These pieces give feminine structured silhouettes in a mix of rich neutral tones, finishing off the look with a very mini cross-body bag.

This spring style chic look is about no-nonsense style whilst being impactful. Spring is an excuse for a touch of elegance with a nod to vintage themes. My wish list features clean lines and cool colours of blue, grey, white, cream mixed with a few earthy tones.  My spring style is a practical trend yet remaining stylish to help you achieve maximum levels of chic!

Which are your favourite Spring style items from my
Spring Chic 2015 wish list?

Mary Oliver

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