Strikeapose shape & shadows essence palette launch & giveaway!

For the last year I have been mysteriously working out in Germany and have had to keep this huge collaboration a big secret but now I can finally share that Strikeapose is bringing out a makeup palette and nail varnish as part of the essence cosmetics bloggers beauty secrets trend edition.

Strikeapose shape & shadows essence palette

This has been such an exciting opportunity, a beauty bloggers dream?! It was such a fun experience, I loved every moment, and I just hope you love the palette and polish as much as I do! As you can tell I had an amazing time working with some awesome beauty bloggers and made some great friends. My Strikeapose shape & shadows essence palette has the signatures of all those involved in the bloggers beauty secrets trend edition collaboration.

Strikeapose shape & shadows essence palette

My palette is called the shape & shadows eye contouring palette. It has 3 matt shades, 2 shimmer shades and also a primer/fixing wax. The 3 matt shades can be used on your brows as well as as eye shadows, the shimmer shades work lovely as eyeshadows but also as a highlighter and the prime/fix wax is great for keeping your eye makeup in place all day but also keeping your brows tidy. I also got a say on the brush so you have a spooly brush at one end to brush out your brows and a thin, soft angle brush at the other so you can fill your brows and do your shadow.

Strikeapose shape & shadows essence palette

As well as my Strikeapose shape & shadows essence palette there is also my nail polish shade, a beautiful grey toned nude. It has a gummy gel finish and drys matt. The shade is called 03 All Eyes On Me and I keep wearing it all the time at the moment, I absolutely love it. The shade is chic, elegant and highly pigmented. You only need one layer for great coverage and it is very hard wearing.

Strikeapose shape & shadows essence palette

A lot of work has gone into this project so I hope that you really enjoy the palette and the nail polish combination. It will be available in June/July and for those of you in the UK I know that you will be able to pick it up from

Strikeapose shape & shadows essence palette

My palette and nail polish is part of the essence cosmetics bloggers beauty secrets trend edition and is a limited edition range. The essence cosmetics bloggers beauty secrets trend edition was a collaboration between myself and three other beauty bloggers/beauty youtube gurus. The palettes and polishes work so well as a set so don’t forget to check out their beautiful palettes too!

Strikeapose shape & shadows essence palette

My giveaway is for 5 of my lovely readers/viewers to win the entire bloggers beauty secrets trend edition. So that is a prize of all 4 of the palettes and the polishes, and you will receive them before they are even launched. To enter either leave a Youtube comment on my announcement video above or enter through my competition below. Winners will be selected at random on Saturday 30th April 2016 so you have a week to enter, good luck!

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For more information about this launch check out

Strikeapose shape & shadows essence palette

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