Subtle novelty Christmas jumpers Wishlist

Subtle novelty Christmas jumpers Wishlist for those who are like me and prefer quieter Christmas jumpers! I like novelty Christmas jumpers, the ‘Gran’s Christmas jumper’ has become really popular, but I couldn’t imagine wearing most of them out and about. Here are my favourites from high street shops this year that will be great, warm wears this December.

Subtle novelty Christmas jumpers

#1 Ya Filthy Animal Home Alone Jumper

#2 Mint Green Fluffy Fairisle Christmas Jumper

#3 Navy keep warm jumper

#4 Black Gingerbread Man Christmas Jumper

#5 Cute oat quilted bear jumper

#6 Pink and White Prancing Reindeer Fairisle Christmas Jumper

#7 Charcoal reindeer jumper

#8 Women’s Christmas Pudding Jumper

#9 Black/white stag jumper


Mary Oliver

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  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    Long live the X-mas jumper, I’ve already got mine picked out and come Dec 1, I’ll be wearing it with pride LOL. Xx

  • Marjolein

    The charcoal reindeer jumper looks so good! It’s really nice and simple. I can’t wait for it to be December so I can actually start wearing my Christmas jumpers!

    • Hehe glad you like it, me too! bit keen if worn in november :P x

  • Stephanie Medeiros

    Oh no, now I totally need to get #1 and #5! :D

  • Tod

    I really like number 6! Tod

  • Annabella SkinScrubs

    A Chrismas pudding jumper with a Movember moustache – weird but cute at the same time!