Tips & Tricks for Students Moving into Halls

So the A-level results are in and youve bagged a place at University, well done you! If youve decided to flee the nest and are moving to the other side of the country, chances are youre probably in the midst of sorting out a gaff for the foreseeable future and are wondering what on earth to take with you.


Packing your entire life into a couple of suitcases and a box or two can seem like a massive headache, so here are some tips and tricks to help ease the pain.

1. Check what’s already included

Each university halls of residence are different so its best to find out what they provide before you buy the whole of IKEA. Most halls are equipped with fridges, freezers and all of your normal white goods, however some expect you to provide things like toasters or kettles. This information is usually listed on the Uni hall’s website but if youre unsure just contact them directly. Heres a handy checklist for all the essentials.

2. Pack well and light

In terms of everything else, you may think you need to take everything you own with you, but you really dont. Plan carefully and be selective about what you pack, remember youll be home for Christmas and can restock then. It might be wise to invest in some flexible packaging instead of using rigid cardboard or plastic boxes. Use storage bags that can be folded away easily when not in use – halls of residence tend to be on the pokey side and bulky boxes can take up valuable living space.

3. Keep a File

Theres a whole load of forms, documents, papers and what not to fill out when you register as student. Student loan applications, UCAS registrations, student hall inventories and contracts are among a few and believe it or not they’re all rather important. Starting a university filemay sound a bit naff but it will save a lot of hassle in the long run – especially when it comes to moving day.


4. Insure & Go

You may or may not know this, but if youve been living at home, all your possessions are likely to have been insured. Now that youre about to flee the nest unfortunately your new laptop, phone, bike and anything else that youre taking with you is not insured. Student halls will expect you to insure your room and its contents whilst youre residing there. Its worth shopping around for insurance before you buy, insurance companies are itching to get your business and some offer great added bonuses like free rail cards. Use a price comparison website and youre sure to get a good deal.

Follow these tips and tricks and youll fly through freshers week like a graduate!