Trick or Treat Wishlist – Pumpkin Products

Trick or Treat WishlistHalloween isn’t just a night for children so here is my trick or treat wishlist! Here is my collection of gorgeous, pumpkin themed items that I want to get in time for Halloween. Pumpkins have a lovely scent and my favourite in this list is the Woodwick candle. Woodwick candles if you havent had one before have a wooden wick (as the name suggests). This makes it perfect for the winter months as it crackles like a little wooden fire as it burns and lasts for ages!

#1 Jessica Nail Polish – Pumpkin Delight

#2 Large, 3 wick scented candle – Pumpkin Cupcake

#3 Shower Gel, Bubble bath & shampoo – Sweet Pumpkin Pie

#4 Woodwick Scented Mini Candle Jars – Pumpkin Butter

#5 Jessica Geleration – Pumpkin Delight

#6 Yankee Candle Spiced Pumpkin

Mary Oliver

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