Valentines Day Nail Art – NOTD

Valentines Day Nail Art

There have been so many different Valentines Day Nail Art ideas around this year and these are my nails for the big V-Day. This is my third helping of Valentines Day Nail Art ideas but I love them. This EKG design is around a lot on Valentine’s day, on cards and wrapping etc so I thought I would do it on my nails. I love my heart beat nails and think they’ve turned out really well with the black and gold.

For this design I used a Rio Black Nail Art Pen  over Maybelline Forever Strong Pro – 735 Gold All Night. I love this gold polish, it’s quite subtle and has a little shimmer making my now very short nails (post acrylics) look a little more elegant.

Any suggestions on my next nail art post?

Mary Oliver

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