Water Marbling Nails – Nude and Gold Design Video

Water Marbling Nails

I love water marbling nails but I rarely see it being done with colours that I would like or that are on trend. With water marbling  nails garish colours are toned down in the water but I wanted to create something more pretty with my water marbling nails today. I’ve talked about nude nails many times here and nude nail art here so you can tell I am a big fan of this seasons trend. Nude nails give a classy, pretty look and, since I am not blessed with beautiful, strong, long nails, make short nails look pretty and slightly longer. Darker tones can make short nails look ever shorter.

I was recently sent some polishes from The Lacquer Lab to try from their Naked Ladies Collection. I was sent the Nude Maja and Kleopatra nail polishes, I love their names! They really are some beautiful nude polishes that flatter skin tones with a brown tinge rather than pink tones which I much prefer. They are similar tones but still contrast well together. I love trying new polishes, a lot of people don’t move from their favourite brands but you have to try new things!

Water Marbling Nails

Some polishes really don’t work well with water marbling nails but lucky for me these were fantastic for water marbling nails. I added some gold polish from Collection 2000 Maxiflex 315 Aztec Gold to add a bit of sparkle. The gold and browns really compliment each other well and make the nails pop. If you are new to water marbling nails or would like to see more here is my tips and tricks for water marbling post showing the best ways to do water marbling nails. I hope that you like my latest water marbling nails, please like the video and subscribe! If you have any other ideas for  nail art designs you would like to see me do leave them in the comments below.

Polishes used –

 Collection 2000 Maxiflex 315 Aztec Gold

Nude Maja – The Lacquer Lab*

Kleopatra – The Lacquer Lab*

Water Marbling Nails

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  • Jess V

    You make it look so easy! I’ll have to give it a shot sometime.

  • Chloe

    Ah you make this look simple!! The end product looks amazing, i’m so gutted I have really short nails that just wont grow otherwise i’d definitely be all over this.

    I’m over at http://www.throughchloeslens.blogspot.co.uk if you’d like to take a look :) X x

  • Sandra

    Love nude nails and especially these marbling ones

  • Georgia M

    I’ve never ever tried water marbling on my nails, but this is beautiful and makes me want to give it a go!

  • Katherine Penney

    This looks so cool! Can’t wait to try this :) xx

  • awesome effect! It really looks nice

  • liannabell

    Water marbling is one think I’ve never been able to master, it never works for me. Looking at your nails makes me wish I could.

  • that is SUPER cool! i never knew nail polish could be done like that!

  • This is so pretty! And what gorgeous shades.

  • Sarah Barker

    Very pretty. I would love these nails for an evening out while at the beach or on vacation. Way classier than the typical mani/pedi you see. <3


  • Very nicely explained dear. Enjoyed it :)


  • kirstydesigns

    This looks really cool, I remember seeing about it before but I’ve never tried it!

  • Rosy R

    I love the colors you chose! I’m absolutely going to try this. Thank you :)

  • I love this! I used to do water marbling all the time on my nails but it can get a bit tricky with short nails. I love the color combo!


  • jenny rose

    It came out very nice! Perfect colour combo’s for early spring

  • John Hartil

    Nice !!

  • Mel

    Wonderful! I really like the color combi. Just fits to almost everything :)

  • these are great! I love doing water marble on the nails :) no one ever believes me that I did it myself lol :D


  • This is a fab nail look, cant wait to try it myself x


  • Would the colours be more vibrant if you put a white coat first? I love that you tried it with gold!

  • Totally loving these colours!

  • Jenn~

    Love the color combo! I haven’t tried marbling looks like to much work for me, lol, I barely even ever sit down to paint my nails.