What Mary wore Primark haul :)

I love Primark, who doesn’t? The quality is getting better and better and the prices are so much cheaper than in other shops. So today my what Mary wore Primark haul shows off my lovely new items that I picked up over the weekend.

In Primark at the moment there were so many items on sale, making them even less than their usual cheap price tags! My black bag with cut out sections was only £5, my long bronze hindu hand style necklace was £2 and my dress was £8. I also picked up some snazzy fake nails for a £1 which I am going to try out later this week :).

What Mary wore Primark haul


Mary Oliver

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  • so cute! that bag is darling! and you can’t beat those prices!

    • Aw thank you, I know its ace! crazy cheap :) x

  • Hey sweetheart, you look great in this autumn outfit :) I like your classy coat!

    • Hey aw thank you :) it’s from H&M last year, love it as it goes with anything! xx

  • I love Primark so much!! It can be tacky but it’s all about how you wear it :)

  • Definately! Some of the clothing I see in there I do wonder who buys it hehe, its got some great finds, just takes a bit of a search sometimes :p xoxo

  • That dress is so beautiful! Love the rose print on it

  • Aw thank you :D love it xx

  • Looking fab :D

  • shouldiorshouldinot

    Can you tell me where can i find products from primark online?

    • Nowhere at the moment I don’t think, wish their website was good but them I’m awful with online shopping as it is! xoxo