What would you do if you won a lot of money?

As a child I never thought about money, or thought it would ever become something important in my life. For anyone of my generation, that all changed when it came to looking at having the possibility of owning my own home. Financial worries and thinking about mortgage payments make it hard not to become a slave to money. I always make sure that it isn’t money that drives me, I love being creative. However, it sure makes life a little easier. As my husband likes to say, ‘you never see a sad man on a jet ski!’

My dads an accountant, so I’ve always been pretty good at saving and being aware of making sensible choices when it comes to my finance. I try not to be too focused on consumerism, fast fashion and fad purchases. Not that I am a minimalist by any means, but I do find through having less I enjoy life more.

The one area of my life that I choose to spend all my money on it travelling. I love visiting the world, living like a local and exploring new places. I am always looking on Skyscanner and Airbnb for the next cheap location we can have an adventure. If I were to win on a lottery bet, I would plan to explore Asia – Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand would be my top choices. I have never left Europe and whilst I have seen some incredible places those further away locations keep calling me. It would be amazing to have a decent amount of time to experience an entirely different culture, and way of life would be so special. For me now though this is a few years away and a lot of saving ahead. New experiences are always what I would choose if money were no object!

What would be your go-to spends if you were to hit the jackpot?