Working During University- the Best Jobs to Fit Around Your Studies

It is widely recognised that going to University offers students one of the best periods of their lives, a time to make new friends and gain some real independence in a new city while also working hard at studying for their degree. But for many, it can be tricky to juggle their education with their blossoming social life and add to this the difficulties some students have to face regarding their finances. Without receiving a little help from mum and dad or a generous bursary, many students simply have no choice but to find a job during their time at uni. Others may be okay financially, but want to get some useful work experience, meet new people or find a way into a future career.


On-Campus jobs are a great way to stay close to your classes and are easier to manage alongside your studies and social engagements. Anything from library assistant positions, working in the computer labs, at the Student Information centre or as a Student Union Associate to help other students with information. You could also consider applying as a Research Assistant for your favourite course subject. These positions are created specifically with students in mind, meaning no awkward conversations with your boss about taking time off during the exam periods.

Working at a supermarket is also a popular way for students to keep a stable budget while also getting discounts on food, and supermarkets are always looking for extra help as cashier’s or for working in the aisles. At least you won’t have to travel too far to buy your lunch or dinner!


Or, how about being a part-time bartender or Waiter? You can make lots of money in tips, enjoy a fun environment chatting to the clientele, and obviously make new friends. Just make sure you don’t drink too much during after hours, or you might not make it to class in the morning! These jobs will add to your customer service skills, which are another prerequisite in any company or organisation and offer a jump-start to any business career. Be sure that you clarify the hours you are available, some shifts can be very long and tiring, and if that means you have to go to uni too tired to concentrate the next day, you may end up sacrificing your grades for a job that was only meant to be temporary.

Tutoring younger students is a perfect example of a part-time position that can easily impress future employers because teaching shows that you possess excellent verbal and communicative skills, and these are essential in any working environment. Plus you can work the hours you choose and will be entirely responsible for how little or much you work. There’s plenty of advice online on how to start a tutoring business for students of varying ages.


Internships are another way to add to your bank balance; they may not be long-lasting, and some may not offer pay, but they are useful to add extra and more varied skills to your CV if you have the time to spare. Find one that excites you and try it because it is an excellent opportunity for networking and future job possibilities.

It may be hard to know how to start and where to go when looking for a job, but in this digital age, we all know that online is the best place to start. Students can find plenty of suitable job vacancies through on professional job sites like Jobrapido, which allows you to filter them by the hours you want and the distance you can travel meaning you should sign up for more than you can do. The answer is out there; don’t allow yourself to become too stressed or lose sight of your long-term goals because ultimately, your degree is the most important objective.