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Last year I moved into my first home and have been restoring and decorating ever since. It was very run down at first so we have focused on the essentials to begin with – bedroom, kitchen and bathroom so that it was live-able. Now rather excitingly we have begun work on our home office so I have been collecting lots of workspace inspiration and I cannot wait to begin injecting some personality into the office.

workspace inspiration


For finding inspiration I have looked a lot online, I want to get my home office looking beautiful as quickly as possible in a style I love. Here are the places I have found some of the best workspace inspiration –

Check out Workspace #Goals – Style Up Your Home Office

by Mary Oliver at Mode

Having a beautiful, elegant and chic workspace gives you far more enthusiasm for getting things done and being motivated (It will also be fantastic for my Instagram!).

workspace inspiration


One of my favourite places for finding workspace inspiration has been on the workspace goals Instagram, a fairly new account that has some beautiful home offices, it styles I love. The spaces look stunning and I cannot wait to implement some of their ideas into my own scheme.workspace inspiration


Other places I love to look for workspace inspiration is on Pinterest. Find the right board and you can be onto a winner. There is so much creativity and different themes to browse through to find hints at what you might want in your own space.

workspace inspiration


At the moment I am loving the clean white look, lucky for me as I already have a white desk. I do need to look at better organisation solutions for myself and get on Society6 for some prints to brighten up my home office.

workspace inspiration



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  • Ciara Rose

    Haha I completely agree with the ‘workspace goals’ on Instagram.. love the pieces you’ve chosen! xxnnCiara Rose |

  • Samantha Pinkie

    I’d love a workspace that looks as lovely as these points of inspiration. I think an Inspiration/Memory wall is a must. =^-^=nnSam | Momentarily Dreaming

  • Katie

    I love the photos you’ve chosen, when you’ve finished your own space, be sure to let us know, because I’d love to see.nKatie |

  • Ujjaini

    Love your selection. I could sit at any of these desks and work for days :)nn

  • Carolyn Bell

    I love your choices, such great inspiration! nnCarolyn xn Carolynu2019s Simple Life

  • I love the wall with all the framed prints! Great for a workspace as nothing motivates me more than motivational quotes! xnn