20 Beauty Blog Post Ideas to Combat Writers Block

Every blogger has a writing or creativity block from time to time, I’ve personally felt a little stumped about what to write about or been able come up with any unique content recently. Here is a list of 20 Beauty Blog Post Ideas for those of you beauty bloggers feeling uninspired to get your sparkle back!

1. Top 5 –

  • products
  • apps
  • go-to hairstyles
  • Things you learned this week
  • makeup brushes for face or eyes
  • places to eat in…
  • under £5
  • reasons to visit…

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

2. Products –

  • reviews
  • investments
  • products you always repurchase
  • underrated & overrated products
  • empty products
  • disappointing products
  • Seasonal – winter/summer beauty products
  • pamper products
  • products worth the splurge
  • brand focus – e.g. Mac must haves
  • Products you couldn’t live with out
  • Best products for when you’re in a hurry
  • The skincare saviours
  • A new release
  • Makeup collection
  • Forever repurchases

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

3. Tutorials –

  • Make up
  • Share a tutorial
  • Hair
  • Nails and nail art
  • Styling
  • The perfect nude/red lip
  • Get ready with me
  • A before & after
  • Festive / travel /wedding / lazy day / prom / date night / natural makeup / hair / nails
  • Beauty hacks
  • In flight beauty essentials
  • Ways to style …
  • Long lasting make up
  • The ‘no make up’ make up
  • Beauty lessons you’ve learnt along the way

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

4. Favourite –

  • Pinterest accounts
  • healthy recipes
  • TV series’
  • Instagram accounts
  • places to shop
  • high end products
  • Etsy buys
  • stationary
  • street style looks
  • drugstore & high end brands
  • youtubers/youtube videos
  • jewelry pieces
  • magazines
  • perfumes
  • Instagram accounts
  • phone apps
  • make up brushes
  • workout videos
  • online stores
  • nail polishes
  • Yankee Candles
  • Monthly favourites
  • Non beauty favourites

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

5. Current –

  • blogs your reading – share some blogger love!
  • Wishlist / Currently craving
  • trending
  • What is currently inspiring you
  • Currently burning: candles
  • playlist
  • currently watching – films/series
  • podcasts
  • style/hair etc inspiration
  • hair routine
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Pinterest Inspiration

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

6. … of the day –

  • FOTD Face of the Day
  • MOTD Make up of the Day
  • NOTD Nails of the Day
  • OOTD Outfit of the Day
  • HOTD Hair of the day
  • How much is your face worth tag / 5 product face

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

7. Blogging –

  • Why you started
  • Why you should start
  • Interview a beauty blogger
  • Behind the scenes of your blog
  • Blogging goals or resolutions
  • What blogging has taught you
  • Your blogging process – ideas through to published articles
  • Your blogging mistakes
  • Blog sale
  • Juggling a blog with a job
  • Blog Tips and Tricks
  • Beauty blogger issues
  • Host a giveaway
  • Survey
  • A guest post

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

8. Show us your –

  • desk
  • room tour
  • organisation
  • Most used … (lipstick, eyeshadow palette…)
  • Everyday staples
  • makeup storage
  • Day to night outfits
  • Beauty resolutions
  • Best budget discoveries
  • Best beauty tools

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

9. What’s in your –

  • makeup bag
  • handbag
  • travel make up
  • suitcase
  • shower
  • festival packing
  • night out make up essentials

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

10. What’s on your –

  • phone
  • dressing table
  • coffee table
  • reading list
  • bedside table
  • bucket list
  • travel wish list

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

11. How to  –

  • keep fit at home
  • achieve clear skin
  • stay organised
  • edit your photos
  • manage time
  • fall asleep fast
  • De-stress
  • How to style…
  • contour
  • stay motivated
  • get ready in 10 minutes
  • have a pamper night
  • start a blog
  • Day to night makeup
  • style long/medium/short/curly/wavy/straight hair
  • make the most of small spaces
  • spring clean your wardrobe
  • store your make up / sunglasses / jewelry
  • overcome writers block!

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

12. Recipes –

  • Smoothies
  • gluten-free
  • vegetarian
  • quick
  • beginner
  • themed
  • Hangover cures

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

13. Routines –

  • Morning/evening
  • skin/hair
  • workout
  • blogging
  • 5 minute make up
  • everyday make up
  • The pre-night out ritual

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

14. Tips –

  • Photography
  • blogging
  • Fitness & health
  • Job interview
  • Improving your instagram
  • Money saving tips
  • Hair Care
  • Glowing skin
  • Getting festival ready
  • Blogging tips I wish I knew earlier
  • Makeup bag staples
  • Best skincare/make up for…

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

15. Ideas Posts –

  • Quick & easy breakfasts
  • gifts
  • healthy snack ideas
  • date night ideas
  • Pancakes / Breakfast / mason jar lunches etc three ways
  • Desk inspiration
  • Free Desktop & iPhone wallpapers
  • Staple wardrobe pieces
  • Mood boards
  • Workout essentials and classes you need to try

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

16. Lists –

  • Five things that made you happy
  • Monthly playlist
  • Inspirational photos
  • Things to do when you’re bored
  • Bucket list
  • 10 Quotes you love
  • Top budget beauty buys
  • Top ten under £10
  • Places you want to visit
  • Things to do for free
  • 10 life lessons

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

17. Hauls –

  • The last thing you bought
  • Home details
  • Holiday beauty essentials
  • Affordable homeware
  • eBay bargains
  • New additions to your wardrobe
  • Best budget beauty buys
  • Desert island picks
  • Top holiday beauty buys
  • Deals of the week

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

18. DIY’s –

  • lifestyle
  • beauty
  • fashion projects
  • recipes
  • Quick & easy meals
  • Nail Art
  • Decorating on a budget
  • Keeping blemishes at bay

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

19. Life –

  • Then & now pictures
  • What you did on the weekend
  • Review of a place
  • Places to visit in your city
  • Food diary – A week in meals
  • Day in the life
  • An experience/story you went through
  • A recent event you attended
  • 20 Unknown facts about yourself
  • Your past birthdays
  • A FAQ
  • Hairstyle journey
  • Your school experience
  • Things you’d tell your younger self
  • Guilty pleasures
  • A week in photos
  • Holiday photo diary
  •  Body confidence / The confidence boosters
  • Places you’ve traveled to
  • Best sites to procrastinate
  • Things I like to do on a Sunday

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

20. Guides –

  • Applying eyeliner
  • Interior inspirations
  • City/travel
  • Freshers Week/University
  • Starting a make up collection
  • The busy girls guide to…
  • Seasonal gift guides
  • Books reviews and recommendations
  • Best make up dupes
  • Day and night fragrances
  • Splurge or save?
  • Fake tanning
  • Workout wear
  • Seasonal trends, essentials,  transitions (make up, clothes or food)
  • Beginners make up kit
  • Working out at home

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

OK I lied, it is more like 238 than 20 Beauty Blogging Ideas for Blog Posts, but congratulations if you made it to the end of my ginormous list and hopefully you have enough inspiration to keep happily blogging for the next few months!

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