Elegant Touch Nails Review – Instant Peel and Press

Elegant Touch NailsElegant Touch Nails

Elegant Touch Nails

Elegant Touch Nails have a fantastic range of false nails and I have been a fan of their products for years such as these Peacock Feather Nails. More recently they have developed Peel and Press false nails that are pre glued so they are really quick and easy to apply with no mess as you don’t need glue. I have tried more subtle colours in the past, solid colours of reds, pinks and purples but was recently sent some more eye catching, summer inspired nails to try.

Today I am wearing the gorgeous Polished Neon Yellow nails as I thought they actually went really well with my bold blue white and black print dress. I love neon, it’s very on trend at the moment, it’s fun, lively and brightens up an outfit. The nails looks good on pale skin but will look even better on tanned skin so may get some more for my holidays.

Elegant Touch Nails
I honestly spent about a minute applying my nails . In a pack you get 24 pre-glued nails, they come with a peel off sticker so you just have to peel off the sticker rather than mess around with nail glue. There are 10 sizes of nails, all fairly small and well fitting. They aren’t really long but I may trim them down as I prefer my nails quite short. To apply the nails have clean nails, wash them in soapy waters and dry. Use the enclosed prep wipe and choose the right sized nail. Peel off the protective sticker and press the nail firmly down. I held them firmly against my nail for a few seconds. Try and avoid water for 30 minutes after and to remove gently peel off.

Elegant Touch Nails
The nails aren’t solid like regular false nails, more gel and flexible. I love them for on the go nails but do find they don’t last as long as the glued false nails. They have great colours and patterns and you can pop the little box they come in in your bag and you can apply them on the move. Overall fantastic for busy beauties!

Elegant Touch Express – Trend Bright Tribal*

Express Touch Express Nails – Polished Neon Yellow*

Elegant Touch Nails

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