Getting Your House in the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is coming, and you know what that means. Mobs of guests invading your humble abode like a horde of savages. This includes your friends, loved ones, family and anyone else who happens to get caught up in the Christmas spirit. ‘Tis truly the season to be jolly, and what better way to make that season enjoyable than with a great atmosphere to fully indulge, and get lost in the holiday season. Sitting around the fire, singing Christmas carols, overeating, opening presents. It’s all in good fun. Now, what better way to establish that atmosphere than with a warm, comfy and inviting home for your guests and you to sit around in? Let’s look at some ways which could make your house optimal for accommodating the opening of Christmas crackers and presents under the tree alike.

Number 1: The front porch

In the current year, it is not outlandish to assume that most people don’t even have a front porch in England. Well, in the bigger cities anyway, with a small studio flat in central London costing around £1000 if you are lucky, not many can afford to have a house or something of the sort. That does not mean they cannot make the front of their house all prettier to get in the holiday spirit. Even if you only have a door somewhere on the fifth floor in a block, you can still hang up some beautiful decorations, some tinsel and a nice wreath can really bring the whole thing together. If you are lucky enough to possess some sort of front porch, you have a lot more to work with. Depending if you have some grass in out front, you can have a classy, bigger-than-average Christmas tree, standing proud. No one only keeps a tree up for the holidays and then has to lug it around to the nearest forest for the rest of the year. Having one and just decorating it for the occasion is the usual scenario, don’t worry. After all, just one more fragrant and proud Christmas tree never hurt anyone. All manners of Christmas lights can not only go on the tree, but around the door, on the walls or even the front window.

Number 2: The living room

Whenever guests come over, where does everyone end up sitting? Other than the occasional banter in the kitchen and corridor, chances are everyone is sitting around in the living room, on the sofa and chairs or whatever else just might end up working as a sitting space. You probably already own a sofa, but is it the kind of sofa you would show off if the Queen came over? Probably not, but that’s perfectly normal. Due to a lot of use and even more love, the sofa ends up being the flattest out of the whole set of furniture you bought around that time. Everyone getting comfy on it all the time eventually takes its toll, and it might not look like it is in its prime anymore. Not that you should immediately throw it away, maybe a new cover would be enough to bring it back to its former glory. Maybe fluff up a few pillows here and there, and it will be more thanpresentable once again. Alternatively, a new sofa is an excellent idea as well. For those with not extremely spacious living condition, consider replacing the sofa in its entirety. If you have space to spare, well then, maybe you could fit both in? No guests would complain about extra sitting space, surely. But what’s the point of buying another sofa that will look sub-par in a few months anyway? You’ve already been down that path, and it has lead down to this article. Consider getting a nicer sofa next time, maybe choose one from the selection of denelli Italia sofas. They come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of styles, allowing you to find one that fits your particular spatial accommodations and interior.

Number 3: Lights

Light is a powerful tool which can be used to create atmosphere almost in an instant, with the flick of a switch. Unlike most other things you have at your disposal when getting involved in interior decor, lights are much more organic, and can really be the cherry on top you were looking for. Typical room light with just your average 60-watt bulb can often feel somewhat sterile at times, not adding to the comfiness of your home. There are several ways to go about this, one of them is getting a dimmer switch fitted. This allows you to have a bright, white light when needed, but can also turn it into mood lighting, perfect for those evenings spent together with the family and close ones. While watching TV or just sitting around talking, lighting that is a bit easier on the eyes will surely be appreciated by everyone. A lampshade is also quite effective, essentially fulfilling the same role but also adding a dash of style to the otherwise-empty space in the room. Of course, unless you are bothered to climb up and attach or remove it whenever you feel like it, it is not as easily adjustable as a dimmer switch. If you do not wish to do anything with room lights, you can get a standing lamp or two instead. Standing lamps usually have a built-in lampshade which directs the light more towards the ceiling, often giving off a very homely and warm effect rather effortlessly.

Number 4: Colour

Colour plays a very important part in how humans perceive and react to certain things. If you manage to harness the power of colour theory, some stunning differences can be made with a simple two-tone paint job of a room. Do you have a fireplace in your living room? If so, that wall would be a perfect occasion to add a dash of colour to the place. If the rest of the room is somewhat bland, white or creamy or vanilla coloured, a nice warm colour like a brown or a dusky red would do wonders to the atmosphere of the entire room. It not only creates a point of interest in the room, but also compliments the layout and the otherwise-bland colour of the rest of the walls. If you do not own a fireplace, consider adding colour to the wall which the sofa is pressed against. Is it a corner sofa? Paint both walls that it touches, this adds a comforting warmth to a sitting area, making all those evenings together just a bit more special.

Happy Holidays