Mel Millis Phytonutri Qi Energising MM Face Peel

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Mel Millis Phytonutri Qi Energising MM Face Peel

I have been using the Mel Millis Phytonutri Qi Energising MM Face Peel fairly regularly over the last month to try and combat my problematic skin. Whilst at £48 it hasn’t achieved an amazing result it has made an impact on improving my very dry, oily and blemish prone skin. My skin is noticeably softer, smoother and a little clearer after use and I have used it 5 times now and still have product left for a few more applications. The sugar in the product is very exfoliating both when applied and removed and the honey liquid combining this is very hydrating and plumps up the skin.

This is however the ugliest thing I have ever put on my face. There will be no photos showing how this brown, sugary, slimy consistency forms gloopy, unspreadable blobs after the reaction my family had after seeing me wearing it.

mel millis

Most of the Mel Millis range is Vegan friendly, although the Phytonutri Qi Energising MM face peel isn’t as it contains honey. Mel Millis use rich organic ingredients but strictly no parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colourings or fragrances, mineral or palm oil, formaldehydes, alcohol. Their Phytonutri Qi Energising MM face peel contains glycolic acid obtained from muscovado sugar and beta carotene, vitamins K and B obtained from sea plant extract.  Their products and packaging are luxurous and well thought out, even the textured paper bag packaging can be torn into pieces and planted as it is infused with wild British seeds.

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For me their products are overpriced and I couldn’t justify buying it just for myself but if you are stuck for gift ideas this Christmas this product will not let you down with it’s luxurious quality in both the products and the packaging.

Have you tried any of the Mel Millis products?

Mel Millis Phytonutri Qi Energising MM Face Peel






Buy it Again



  • Good Quality Ingredients
  • Luxury Packaging
  • Some softening and smoothing results


  • Expensive
  • Ugly and hard to consistantly apply
  • Little results for the price