Mud and Rain: An Emergency Guide to Autumn Weddings

Autumn is colourful, atmospheric, and romantic – the perfect recipe for your wedding, in other words. While a lot of couples choose to say their I do’s during spring and summer, an increasing number of brides and grooms use the natural beauty of autumn to celebrate their love. It’s just something about the colours of autumn that no other season is able to compete with.

The only downside to autumn weddings is unpredictable weather and bursts of cold air. You may have to deal with rain no matter when you schedule your wedding for, though, and those who choose to get married during spring may also have to deal with unexpected weather changes.

You can easily prepare for the sudden burst of rain, though, by planning ahead in case of rain and even taking advantage of the crisp light for your wedding photos.

Here is a quick guide to what you should think about when planning your autumn wedding, making sure that everyone stays warm and comfortable.

Make a theme out of it

Even if all the weather channels said there would be nothing but sunshine all day, there’s no reason to panic at the sight of dark clouds. It’s a part of the season, in any way, and rainy weddings can be really cosy and romantic.

Have fun with it and provide your guests with umbrellas for the pictures, for example, making sure there’s a large tree for people to gather under. A lot of photographers will cheer at the sight of rain, by the way, as the light and the stormy clouds make for gorgeous wedding pictures.

Serve up some hot drinks as well, and hand out a lot of cosy blankets. You can even put your rain boots on if you’re up for it, just don’t let the rain get in your way of having the time of your life.

Rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck for the future of your marriage, by the way, so look at it as an omen of wonderful things to come rather than a sign of disaster. Bold couples are happy to celebrate their love in the rain, and you’ll have fantastic pictures to prove how kick-ass you are as well.

Remember shelter

It’s quite popular to have an outside wedding during fall as the temperatures are still relatively comfortable – and the orange scenery makes everything so magical. You’ve probably already thought about shelter, but have you thought about the flooring?

Rain and mud make it difficult for your guests to walk gracefully and a few of them might even slip and fall – it’s the kind of stuff you’d like to avoid on your wedding.

Have external mats right outside your marquee so that people won’t be standing directly in the mud, and have a look at Big Chief Tipis for the perfect autumn wedding venue. Anywhere people need to walk that might lead them to drag mud back inside should be given a pathway of mats.

Provide a pathway

While placing a basket of umbrellas by the entrance is excellent for keeping your guests dry when they step outside, you’ll still deal with the dirt they pull back in. Make sure the extra mats reach other areas as well where your guests may want to walk, and you’ll avoid having your venue looking like a battlefield of rain and mud by the end of the party.

If the toilets are stationed a bit away from the marquee or tipi, try to provide them with some sort of flooring to walk on here as well. The same goes for the smoking area, by the way, as somebody inevitably will step outside to have a drag.

When you’ve expected nothing but sunshine and comfortable temperatures for your big day, the frustration of having to deal with rain is totally understandable. Get upset for a moment, rant about it if it helps, and remind yourself that you have no control over the weather. Your mood, on the other hand, and how well you handle challenges – that you should be able to be in charge of.

Autumn weddings are, despite the rain and wind, beautiful and romantic when you manage to think ahead and prepare for it.

Nobody enjoys the season when they’re wet and cold in any way, so make a theme out of keeping people warm and comfortable, and they’ll have a blast no matter what turn the weather may take.