Shabby Chic Purses Wishlist!

Shabby Chic Purses Wishlist

Brought here today is my Shabby Chic Purses Wishlist, fantastically cute purses that I think are absolutely fab! Beautiful prints, embroidery and animal designs make up my items today :) They are all from Ebay at great prices and look so lovely. My favourite is the Tea and Biscuit design, number 2, as I love absolutely anything tea related and this embroidered design is so lovely. I also love the Robin and Reindeer Christmas designs and think I might have to get these as presents for some people. Which are your favourites?

#1 Owl

#2 Time for Tea

#3 Robin

#4 Reindeer 

#5 Little Miss and Mr Men

#6 Bird and Flowers


Mary Oliver

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