Susan Posnick – London Lipstick

Susan Posnick

I recently went to the Palmer Harding show at London Fashion Week and was gifted a bag with a few different products in at the show. One of my favourite products in the bag was a Susan Posnick colour essential lipstick. I have been loving this shade for autumn, the shade is London, ” The quintessential bronzed berry, wonderfully classic and very wearable.” I’ve never tried any of the Susan Posnick brand before but was really impressed with this lipstick and will keep a look out for others to try.

Susan Posnick

The lipstick has really nice packaging, metallic purple and the bullet is very thick, strong and sturdy. I also love that the lid is magnetic so it snaps into place and cannot get lost in my handbag. The lipstick itself has a balm like texture, very moisturising with little stickiness. With it being a darker shade I am really glad that it doesn’t bleed or feather, it just stays in place without a lip liner. The lipstick is formulated with olive oil, paracress, and minerals including vitamins  A and E, and pomegranate.

Susan Posnick

The lipstick can be worn very sparingly for a lighter shade but it is very buildable if you want more colour. There are so many tones to this lipstick, it’s a real autumn shade. There are tones of reds, browns oranges, bronze and a little berry as well as a subtle shimmer to it.

Susan Posnick

The Susan Posnick coloressential range apparently has a unique formula that adapts to your own lipcolour to make it your personal shade. I have found it to be a very complimentary lipstick with just enough brown tones for my complexion. I also really like the smell, a mild, sweet vanilla scent.

Susan Posnick

Susan Posnick Coloressential – Shade London

Have you tried and of the Susan Posnick range before and what were your thoughts?

Susan Posnick - London Lipstick






Buy It Again



  • Multi toned
  • Magnetic Lid
  • Vanilla scent
  • Lipstick doesn't bleed or feather
  • Complimentary Shade


  • Pricey
  • Hard to find, little availability in UK