3 Things You Didn’t Know About Classic Lash Extensions

One of the best things about the beauty industry is the way that trends shift and change according to the season – mixing things up for beauty professionals and clinicians, as clients come in asking for the latest trends and looks. Lash extensions and false lashes have long been a staple treatment in the world of aesthetics – though one thing that has changed over the years is the way these lashes are applied and used. Gone are the chunk strip lashes of the 90s, to be replaced with more subtle extensions and long-lasting salon treatments that nurture as well as enhance your natural assets.

In this blog, we’re focussing specifically on classic lashes, revealing three things you may not know about classic lash extensions if you’re new to the treatment or the beauty business.

1. They are applied via the 1:1 method

While strip lashes are still available in stores and are often the DIY approach of choice for those looking to quickly elevate their lashes for a night out or event, classic lash treatments are conducted via the time consuming but incredibly effective 1:1 method. This means that each individual classic lash is fixed to one of your own natural lashes, literally extending it and creating a much more defined curl. 

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(Classic 1:1 application method Credit: @pinkfisheslashco) 

The 1:1 method of application presents one very clear benefit, and that’s the natural aesthetic for clients. Classic lashes are just as well suited to everyday engagements as they are to special events, arming clients with a naturally enhanced look rather than one that’s best suited to the dancefloor of a nightclub.

2. They can last for over four weeks

Did you know that, when applied correctly, classic individual lashes can last upwards of four weeks. Considered a semi-permanent treatment, classic lashes are best applied using industry-leading adhesive, which is sensitive for use around the eye area, but which holds the lashes in place – giving clients the benefit of effortless lashes day and night.

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(Pinkfishes Classic Eyelash Extensions Credit: @luxelashandbeautybar_) 

3. The best lashes are made from PBT silk

The leading material in the lash extension industry is currently PBT silk – a synthetic material which not only replicates the soft and fluffy texture of genuine lashes but is completely cruelty-free and less likely to cause irritation to the user or client. Other benefits of PBT silk include the way it holds a curl once it has been styled, and the fact that the material presents a matte texture which blends perfectly against a lacquered mascara lash finish. With natural lashes on trend, it’s more important than ever for clients to be able to access a service or treatment which enhances their natural look without creating that fake lash aesthetic. A classic lash extension, applied through the individual method as explained earlier, means that your natural lashes are simply boosted rather than covered up – with the use of PBT silk retaining a soft feel

<h1>3 Things You Didn’t Know About Classic Lash Extensions</h1> 3

(Pinkfishes Classic Eyelash Trays made from PBT Silk Credit: @pinkfisheslashco) 


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