5 Cheapest Travel Destinations In Europe This Year!

One problem most people have is that they want to travel but can’t afford it. Normally, this is because you want to travel to all the popular and well-known destinations, which means they’re bound to be expensive. Instead, why not opt for a cheap holiday in one of these amazing places:

5 Cheapest Travel Destinations In Europe This Year! 7

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is well-known for being a highly affordable place to visit. Anywhere you go in this country will be cheap, and it all starts with very cheap flights. If you look on sites like cheapflights.co.uk, you’re bound to find some really great value flights at under £100 each way. I’ve gone with Sunny Beach as my place to see, mainly because it’s a very popular tourist destination in Bulgaria. It’s on the Black Sea coast, and the beach is miles long and filled with activities. The sand is nice and soft, the sea is beautiful, it’s one of the lesser-known gems of the beach world. When you think of a beach holiday, you automatically think of the typical Mediterranean countries. Well, you get sun, sand, and sea here too, all for a very low price. Food and drink sell for peanuts, the accommodation is cheap, and it’s so easy to get around. Plus, there’s a great nightlife scene here too, making it an ideal party destination.

Budapest, Hungary

If you’re looking for a quirky holiday to one of Europe’s up and coming tourist destinations, then Hungary is for you. Budapest is quickly becoming the place to be, with loads of holiday goers travelling there to see what all the fuss is about. You’ll be treated to amazing landscapes, breathtaking architecture, and some of the best luxury spas in the world. To make things even better, it’s a cheap holiday too. You can get the luxury treatment without paying through your nose for it. A fantastic city if you want a weekend getaway at any time during the year.

5 Cheapest Travel Destinations In Europe This Year! 8

Mallorca, Spain

Spain is a very cheap country to venture to, with so many amazing cities and beaches for you to explore without breaking your budget. I’ve picked Mallorca as my top value for money destination in this sunny country. Technically, it’s an island just off of Spain, but there’s a lot to do there, and something for everyone. From beaches to wild nightlife, you’ll never get bored. What’s more, as you can see on sites like Interhome.co.uk, accommodation is fairly cheap, and you can even get a villa/apartment for a week at a fraction of the price of some hotels. General life isn’t expensive either, with restaurants varying in prices and affordable transport throughout the island.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Many of you might have never heard of this place, but I bet some of you have seen it without even realising. Dubrovnik is a wonderful little city in the popular tourist destination of Croatia. What makes this place unique is that it forms the setting for King’s Landing in the hit TV show Game of Thrones. Automatically, you have a reason to go there and take lots of photos. The architecture here is quite sublime, it literally looks like a real-life movie set. Not to mention Croatia has a lovely climate and some of the nicest beaches around. It’s a very cheap place to stay, hotels are well under £100 per night – and that’s for a nice hotel too. What amazes me is that a cup of coffee here is, like, a third of the price of a Starbucks coffee back home; madness. Staring at the amazing Old Town isn’t the only thing you can do, as seen here timeout.com there are loads of amazing things to enjoy in Dubrovnik.

5 Cheapest Travel Destinations In Europe This Year! 9

Transylvania, Romania

If you had to put money on any Romanian city being on this list, you’d probably have gone for Bucharest. However, Transylvania is becoming a very good place to travel too. This is largely thanks to its amazing affordability. It’s far from one of the star places in Europe that everyone goes to, which means places to stay are very cheap. Not only that but flights and public transport are very good too. Why travel here? Well, it’s a fantastic destination if you want a sense of adventure and don’t want to just lie around doing nothing. There are loads of great outdoor activities you can take part in, and so much natural beauty to see too.

Travelling doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive if you play your cards right. All five of these destinations are very cheap and just as good as some of the more popular tourist places around the continent.



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